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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What I Learned Ths Week

1. I learned that you CAN teach all morning, manage the preschool run, follow your son through early intervention, do the preschool pick-up, make dinner, haul all three kids to dance class, and attend a church meeting...all on an hour of sleep (I think anyway...I'll let you know tomorrow!).

2. I learned that there are times as a parent that you will actually root AGAINST your child! Bruiser failed his speech evaluation today which qualifies him for more therapy and I actually cheered! You moms can understand - when your children need something (and Bruiser needs help with his talking!), you want to do everything to help them - including wishing and praying with all your might that they fail! I guess it falls under the same category of when you take your child to the doctor and you are praying that he has an ear infection so it is a justified understand!

3. I rediscovered the sweet innocence of seeing your baby baptised and blessed in the eyes of God - even when your older children are screaming and running all around you.

4. I learned there is nothing sadder than having to pry your four-year-old off her Papa when its time for him to leave and then having to listen to her scream at the door "I need my Poppy!"

5. I learned how wonderful it is to have friends that know just what you need and when you need it.

6. I learned that I can stand strong in my faith and I can support my beliefs and that I can surround myself with others who have the same faith and beliefs.

7. I learned that it is a lot easier to be a dedicated kindergarten teacher when you are not pregnant...even when you only got one hour of sleep the night before!

8. And I have re-affirmed that there is no better job than being a mommy!


  1. ONE hour? Oy. I subbed in kindergarten once. NEVER again. I admire anyone with the dedication to teach kindergarten.

  2. GREAT GREAT Lessons! and I route against my kids all the time - not for the same reason but a few "not so good moments in life" help build character!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, I admire your positive attitude on one hour of sleep. I am horrible when I don't get enough sleep.

    When I was subbing (before I had kids), I only did kindergarten once too, because they tired me out! God bless the good kindergarten teachers!

  4. One hour? Boy oh boy. I love the things you things you learned each week. I can't wait to see all your pictures. What fun you have been having.