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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quotes from the Weekend

"Bruiser, play with some boy toys...please!"
"Daddy, there's someone at the door!
It's the pretend police and they are here to lock you up!"
"Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma!"
(with head twisting from side to side)
"Mama? Mama? Mama?"
"Can I ask you something?"
"I'm SO HUNGRY!!!!!!!"
(followed by screaming and crying)
"Who stinks?"
Mini Contest: Can you attach any of the quotes to any of the members of the House of Sprout? Not sure what the prize would be, but it might involve one of the children! It's been that kind of a weekend!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Birthday: Part II - Fancy Nancy Style!

We had Tater's kid party today...with a Fancy Nancy theme! Ten little girls and their mommies joined Tater, Miss Wiggles, and me for a fancy tea party and some girl-y fun!

The guest of honor - after the birthday girl!

A fancy guest!

The atendees...
..with the birthday girl...

...and all dolled up!

Tea time!!!

Decorating tiaras...

with sparkles...

and glitter...

...and jewels!

Cupcakes to decorate...

with shimmer...

...and sugar...

...and sparkles...

...and glitter!

Happy birthday, five-year-old!

Lots of smiles!

Present time...

...with lots of "Oooo"s...

...and squeals...

...and "ahhh"s!
Tater had a blast! She loved being with her friends and being the star of the day!
And Mommy's favorite part? There was no sickness!
And now for a bit of unwinding...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Saddest Pictures Ever!

I took a few minutes to upload the birthday pictures from the weekend...and I could have cried at how sad and sick Tater looked! The poor thing! You turn 5 and you can't even enjoy it...see for yourself!

Decorating with Papa

Opening gifts...but not really wanting to!

So sick!

The anticipation of the others getting it...notice Bruiser?

Those eyes!

A bit more interest...good job with the gift, Daddy!

Notice the tell-tale bucket...

Someone will be traveling in style...I wonder if I can borrow it for my Mommy Weekend to Chicago?

This one really gets you!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Siblings!

Who are these children that are getting along?

Yes, that's a doll stroller that Miss Wiggles is in!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Little Bit Country!

We saw Tim McGraw...really close! I always said the only thing I wanted to do was see him in concert. I had many missed opportunities...Daddy never wanted to go when he was in the area (who knows why!), tickets that slipped through our fingers, etc. Then about two years ago, my co-worker and I bit the bullet, bought the tickets and headed to our first "Timmy" concert! It was outside, very hot, and I was 4 months pregnant with Miss Wiggles. Oh, and Tim? - he was a tiny dot miles away on stage! But it was TIM McGRAW! And I loved it! forward to Sunday night. Papa got AMAZING seats! And there are pictures to prove it! No tiny dot of a man - I could tell that it was really Tim!

And there is proof that I was there!
And as we were leaving, we were stopped by a caravan of flashing lights. From the side of the convention center came two police cars, an SUV with tinted windows, and two more police cars. And what did we see through the tinted windows? The outline of a cowboy hat! Tim had left the building...and we saw it!

It Was All Worth It!

So Tater turned five this weekend and I have been a bit absent from our blog. You might think we were busy partying away or that we were just have some good quality family time. You'd be wrong on the "party" part and wrong on the "quality" part...but we did spend the weekend together as a family! Let me explain!

On Friday, we headed to Papa and Mimi's to celebrate Tater's big day with family. We didn't get into until after 10:00 pm and the kids headed to bed around midnight. Tater was up bright and early with the excitement over her big day! She woke up and held up her hand of five fingers to show Papa. We started getting ready - cooking food, getting dressed-up, decorating the house. Tater complained a few times that her tummy hurt...I thought maybe she was a bit tired since she had been up so late. By 2:00, when the guests had arrived, Tater had fallen asleep. I let her sleep through the food and went to wake her to open presents and have cake. She sat on my lap for a few minutes and then stood up and threw up all over the floor. My little birthday girl spent her birthday in bed with a yucky tummy bug! Within an hour, Mommy joined her. Then Miss Wiggles christened the car for Daddy while was trying to get away from the germs. And through the night, Daddy succumbed. Only Bruiser escaped with just a few yucky diapers.

And did I mention we were 6 hours away from home? At Papa and Mimi's? With a house full of family? Yeah, lovely!

Since Saturday, the bug has taken down Memaw, who stopped by for the party, Papa, Uncle Jason, and the dog! We're still waiting for the final count! spite of the sickness, Papa and I made it the best concert ever!

Yes, if you can't tell, that's Tim McGraw in the background! We were about ten rows back from the side of the seats ever! At one point he was literally 20 feet away from me! I'll post more when I get the pictures off my camera and Papa feels good enough to send me more of his!
Can you see why it was all worth it? Don't you agree, all of you people that we infected?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tater Turns Five!

Our baby girl is now five! I can't even begin to figure out where the years have gone...but that's why we live by the saying "long days, short years"! Here are a few glimpses of our precious princess over the years.

Her first birthday party at Build-A-Bear...we were so young!

At the beach!

Taking pictures of butterflies.

Laying in the leaves!

Snacking at Papa's

Building blocks - and eventually she ended up inside the tower!

Baby day old!

Playing in the snow!
Tater was the precious little one that we waited so long to have and then couldn't imagine life without! She worked her way into every one's hearts...especially her Papa's! She has taught us so much - as parents, as people, and as friends. She gives the best cuddles, has the most caring personality, and has a mind that will challenge Mommy and Daddy over the years to come.

Tater is all girl! She loves dance class, crafty things, baking, princesses, fancy things, jewelry, and taking care of her little brother and sister. She is our social butterfly! She is an amazing helper...when she wants to be! She is a love but also loves to challenge her Mommy and Daddy. She tests us every step of the way!

Tater has developed an amazing sense of faith and family. She loves church and God and she loves family time. And, of course, she LOVES Papa!

She has grown way too fast! She has excelled at preschool and will start kindergarten in September. As sad as that makes Mommy and Daddy, she can't wait to go to "Mommy's school" (yes, she will be in the same school that I teach at!). There is no turning back now...she's growing up!
So, Tater, know that you will always be Mommy and Daddy's baby...because you were our first! We love you more than words can describe! Hold on to that amazing enthusiasm and zest for life! Never stop questioning...never stop learning! And never get too big to cuddle with Mommy!

We love you, Birthday Girl!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Big Things Happen When You Are Turning 5!

Tater and I met Daddy for lunch today at the mall...

...and on the way out we stopped for a big girl birthday treat! Any guesses what Tater got to do?

That's right! With minimal tears and a lot of bravery, Tater got her ears pierced! She was so good and she is so proud!

We called Papa at work to tell him the big news and then Mimi at home to tell her. They both were so surprised that she was so big! Mommy and Daddy just can't believe it either...long days, short years, you know!