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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Off To The Zoo (Again!)

With generous thoughts of giving the Daddies plenty of uninterrupted time to build a deck, the Mommies decided to take the cousins to the zoo last Friday. We woke to overcast skies and chilly temperatures but decided we were going ahead with our plans. It was a good decision - the zoo wasn't crowded and we made it back to the car before the first sprinkles. The cousins had blast and a lot of the animals were in easy viewing range. Here are few of critters we observed!

Red Panda

Going for a camel ride (well, some of the children!)

Alice, the Camel had one hump!


A spunky monkey

Tater with Papa's birds (aka flamingos)

Papa's bird
(Side Note: They came right up to the fence and were actually running back and forth. Tater was beside herself!)

Peeking through!

Memaw's favorites - the penguins!

Baby giraffe was born in December - right before Christmas

The eleleleles (Bruiser-speak for elephants) have a new home! It was fun to see them in a different setting!

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  1. Oh so precious!!! Love the pictures...your little guys are just the cutest!!!

    Be blessed, sweetie,