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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random Pics!

These are some random pictures that have been on my camera and instead of creating multiple mini-posts, I decided to make a collection of the randomness (is that a word?).

Bruiser and Mimi took a ride on the carousel...can you find them?

Papa and his girl walking on Secret Beach

Taking a break on Secret Beach. The tide was so low this day!
We walked the farthest we ever have on Secret Beach.

Mommy chasing her duckings ... luckily there was no where for them to go!

Bruiser hunting for shells ... must be a bit of Grandma in him!

She played so hard!

Yes, he is licking ketchup off his plate.
Yes, there were five grown-ups watching him.
Yes, we laughed.
Yes, we took a picture!
Tater was decorating Pop-Pop with napkin pieces ... they were even in his ears!

Bruiser learned how to open his bedroom door! It was a sad day for Mommy!
This is how he spent the hour and a half before Tater woke up.
He loved playing with the Little People camping set (Thank You, Mimi and Papa)!
Tater and Mommy had a "Girls' Night" last night.
We got dressed up, went out to dinner where the animals on the wall talked, and then went to the Dollar Tree so Tater could spend her own money (with some guidance from Mommy!).

Daddy claims Shadow isn't allowed to sit on people's laps and be on the couch.
This is what I discovered when Daddy fell asleep on the couch the other night!

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