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Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Favorites (More of My Life Lately)

This is totally random because that is the only way my brain is working right now!  We are in the final stretch before closing on our new house (June 23rd!!!) and are trying to finalize all the "stuff" - finances, projects, cleaning!  The move is the only thing NOT weighing heavy on us - we are loving that professional movers are provided for us.  I've been struggling with accessing some retirement funds from my life as a teacher because there are so many hoops to jump through and no one makes it clear cut or easy!  But I think, as of 8:30 this morning, I think we are back on track!

So here are a few favorites (or things that didn't make my post yesterday!)

1.  Field Day

In past years parents were invited to field day and asked to help.  This year, field day was kind of top secret!  It was managed by school staff only and I only heard about it the morning of when the 8-year-old said "oh, yeah, today's field day."  So kind of different but soooooo glad I didn't have to!

Here are a few pictures our PE teacher posted!

2.  Pennies from Heaven

This is something my mom always believed in but rarely told anyone because she felt silly.  I sort of get it but now love that I get little signs from her just as I need them.  This penny was on the ground at the bus stop on a day when this move was feeling very overwhelming.  It was so shiny and dated 2015...the year we lost Mom.  My anxiety and stress immediately calmed and thins seemed so much clearer and less intimidating.  

3.  This was the day the sign went up on our RI house...and then we got a full price offer the next day!  And amazing whirlwind!!!  So thankful for not having to have showings!!!

4.  Perfectly Posh
A friend through MOPS sells POSH soaps and lotions...and OMGosh!  I love all the scents and the fact that I have no skin reactions to them (because they are good for you!)

I recently tried this face cleaner as a part of her Sample of the Month Club.  You wipe it on with a cotton ball and that's it, folks!!!  No rinsing or anything!  It's like a cleaner, toner, and moisturizer in one - and it's AMAZING!!!

You can check out her site HERE :)

5.  Mornings with this crew :)

Tater leaves earlier and can walk to her school.  We will miss that in Michigan - it's back to the bus for her!

These two take a bus from our neighborhood and it's always a challenge getting out the door but it's also my favorite time of the!

Sass has been counting down the days of school with the ABCs.  It seems to be the trendy thing to do lately!  Today was M - Mismatch Day!  

Thankful for a low-key day today - other than juggling some more phone calls and maybe some unpacking of the storage pod so we can get it out of our driveway...yay for selling our house quickly!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Chance to Dance (Sassy and Bruiser) and Kids Rock Chorus Videos (Bruiser)

The first two videos are Bruiser and Sassy at their Chance to Dance performance.  They danced to Newsies and then honored the Patriots 
(when in New was a challenge for me to find them jerseys!!!)

Then these are from Bruiser's Kids' Rock Chorus performance.  Two of the district's music teachers have taken it upon themselves to bring back the arts and they are reinventing chorus with classic and popular rock songs.  Bruiser loved this experience - and you can tell...he's the one in black shorts that never stops moving!!!

Life Lately...Again...

We are plugging along and drowning at the same time over here.  We are pushing through daily life and all the fun extra end-of-the-year events.  BUT we are missing Daddy big time and counting the days until we make the big move and put our family back together.

In other news, Bubba, in his 4-year-old mind, thinks we will always live separately and, depending on the moment (whether he's in trouble or not!), switches his wish as to living with Mommy or Daddy!  It will be a rude awakening come July when he no longer has that imaginary option!!!

Last week Bruiser and Sassy were in a local program called "Chance to Dance".  It's a year long dance program in the schools where the students learn and choreograph their own dances and then put on a big performance at a downtown theater.  They did amazing (in spite of Bruiser having a tough time during rehearsals!).  I'll post videos on a separate post since they are on my issues!

The very next day was Bubba's last day of preschool in Rhode Island.  It was a big year with lots of growth for him.  He went two half days a week and learned all about how school works...and loved every second of it!!  We're not sure what next year will bring - the local preschool is full and, while he qualifies for district preschool for speech, OT and academics, I'm not sure how I feel about that school location being 20 miles away!  Welcome to the country!!!  So I'm weighing my options and thinking about what I want to do.  Right now I'm leaning towards home-school preschool and driving to get his services.  We shall see :)

The next day Daddy came home for the weekend!  It was rainy and chilly but we were all smiles picking him up :)

We ate out a bit (because Mommy refuses to do those things on her own!) and when all the kids have to go to the bathroom, Mommy enjoys a few minutes alone with a very yummy drink!

We spent some time sofa shopping and ultimately went back to our first choice - IKEA!  And luckily I made it there with the help of a good friend to make the purchase on the final day of the Friends and Family sale that saved us 15%!  Now we just have to wait until we move to unpack it :)

There were fire pits, grilling out, trampoline disassembling (moving prep!), and lots of quality time :)

Monday we headed to a very rainy Memorial Day parade with friends and then took Daddy back to the airport...again...

This time hop of my Sassy was six years ago...such a sweet little face!

Then, as of today, I got my act together and we have a countdown!!!!!  37 more days until we head out...and it can't com soon enough :).  Bubba and I spent today buying bins for the things the movers won't take - bedding for the first few days, perishables, etc.  Daddy's in the process of meeting our new pediatrician, arranging for the installation of hardwood floors in the bedrooms of the new house, and settling into his new job.  

Our house that has been home for the past 10 years sold so quickly, has past inspection, and has been purchased by the relocation company (who will sell it to the buyer).  It has not been easy but all the trials are being rewarded now!  

So that is life as of day to day but anticipating big changes and exciting adventures!