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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

iPhone Photo Dump - Bubba Month #2

Kate's birthday present...real horseback riding :)

At the park with Memaw and Pop-pop


First long car trip to PA

Big sister

On his side...again

Propping his leg up

Snuggled with Daddy

New pacifier 


Watching Indiana Jones with big sister

Pop-Pop and Memaw's rented "clown car"

Memorial Day walk

First smiles

Sassy stylin' at the dentist

First time in the Moby!

First trip to the beach...only time he was awake :)

A family bigger than ours :)

Dressed up to play kickball



Napping outside...on his side

Putting up the pool...summer time!

iPhone Photo Dump - Bubba's First Month

With four kids, my hands are always busy but iPhone/iPad is always close at hand!  Most of these have been shared through Facebook but I wanted to add them to the blog for the sake of memories!

Luke's wrinkled ear...just like his Papa and big brother :)

Yellow fellow :(

First night home and a Pop-Pop snuggle

First night sleeping at home

Back in the hospital under one light...

...and then laying on another light

Kate's cut right after the stitches were removed

Glowing at home

Meeting Papa...

And Mimi


First tubbie :)

Wiggled to his side...every time!

Grabbing his toys

The little sassy mommy changing her baby's diaper

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Last Day of School 2012-2013...Look How We've Grown!

Recital Time - With A Disney Flair!

Sassy tapped to "Under the Sea"

Sassy's ballet - "Cinderella"


Tater's Acro - "The Incredibles"

Sassy's Jazz - "Shake Your Tail Feathers"