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Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays 2009!

We made it until 7:00 am before we were awakened by certain two-year-old who couldn't wait to see the presents and "fars" that Santa brought him! The last gift was finally opened at noon - a long and excitement-filled morning! Lots of new goodies and gadgets for all -but best of all was the time spent with family!

Waiting to see if Santa had come!

Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk!

Mimi before she had her coffee...

The Before

Papa and Miss Wiggles

Bruiser getting his own Leapster

Tater opening her Snow White lithograph (which Mommy won from JoLynne over at Musings of a Housewife - thanks for a very happy little girl!)


Miss Wiggles

A-nut H

Packing up the loot!


Uncle J (and that's a good shot)!
Hope your day was as wonderful as ours!
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

From Our House to Yours...

Christmas Blessings!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


"Mama, Santa has to blow out all the fires in the fireplaces so he doesn't burn his bum-bum!"
"Chameleons are animals that are camouflaged - they can change color so you can't see them. Did you know that, Mama? The Wonder Pets taught me all about it!"
I asked Tater if God lives in her heart and she responded with "No, Mama, Jesus does! Mrs M. (last year's preschool teacher) taught us about digging in our hearts for Jesus."
"Mama, when you wrap presents can I wrap one too for someone really papa!"

Nativity Set Blog Carnival

Today I'm joining JanMary's carnival of Nativities!
This is my Willow Tree set that stays out all year...its too pretty to put away and it gives us a daily reminder of the real meaning in our life!

My grandmother quilted this one and I searched for years for the perfect way to hang it...

This is the children's Fisher Price nativity that they can play with! They love to retell the story of baby Jesus!

Last year we added the stable with the Little Drummer Buy and...

...the sheep. Thank you, Papa and Mimi!

And this is a cute nativity that I made years ago...Tater made the tree in preschool last year and it's a perfect addition!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Day Wrap-Up

So here is the wrap up of our snow day turned sick day! Tater had her dance class Christmas party and came home with a new doll, several craft activities, and lots of excitement!

And although it's a bit blurry, here is the proof of Miss Wiggles black eye. She'll learn not to mess with the coffee table!

And for your viewing pleasure...Bruiser shakes his bum! We don't know why (remember we don't offer explanations for our children and their oddities!) but he only does it at the island and with his one foot up! Crazy!

...And Mary Hatched Baby Jesus!

Miss Wiggles has a bit of a tummy bug and has been feeling a bit under the weather. After she woke up from her three hour nap, she was wobbling around and tumbled - eye first! - into the coffee table and now is sporting a beautiful shiner! So to make her feel a bit better, Tater was reading her Christmas stories. As she was reading her the story of Baby Jesus being born, this is the version we heard:

"Mary and Joseph looked for a hotel to stay in. Then they looked for a nice stable. The man told there was no room. So Mary found a nice place to hatch Baby Jesus."

Didn't you all know that's how babies are born? They hatch!

Photo Proof!

They do get along...sometimes!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Day!

And, oh, is it ever! The snow started at about 8:30 last night with just a few flakes and blew all night long! As of right now (11:00am) we have about 20 inches and it is still snowing and blowing. Welcome, Blizzard of 2009!

The kids and Daddy are outside right now...enjoying and cleaning (or playing with the neighbor's new snow thrower!). Miss Wiggles and I are inside preparing for their return and cleaning up after breakfast.

There will be hot chocolate to drink, laundry to do, naps to take, and yummy cookies to enjoy!

Cookie baking last night

Ready to play!


Going for a sled ride with Daddy.

Miss Wiggles watching the show!

Snack time on the move!

The snow out my back door - I can't even open it!

On the deck railing

More snacks!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

In Anticipation...

Oh, there is lots to anticipate this time of year! The kids are awaiting the arrival of the big guy from up North. The countdown is on to the day we get to leave our little, old state and make the trip "up Papa's hill" for Christmas. We are all awaiting the birth of Baby Jesus. But...more immediately...we are awaiting the "Blizzard of 2009". The snow should be beginning within the next few hours and will be putting a bit of a crimp in our holiday plans...but should provide us with some nice, quality family time (which translates to us being trapped in the house for the 24+ hours...or insanity!)!!!!

So, just as you prepare for the holidays or a vacation or the birth of a new baby, we are preparing for the snow storm of the year.

Mommy's jobs:
  • grocery shopping
  • a stop at CVS for Tater's medicines
  • taking Bruiser to his last day of school (before he starts preschool!!!!!)
  • finding all the snow clothes
  • making Christmas cookies
  • making sure all the gifts are bought, made, wrapped, delivered, and packed
  • seven loads of laundry
  • sweeping the kitchen floor 10 times a day
  • changing fifty thousand diapers (or so it seems!)
  • playing mediator with the children

Daddy's jobs:
  • taking Tater to church for the Christmas play rehearsal (for the show that will probably be snowed out!)
  • draining the outside pipes (that have already frozen)
  • soaking the voltage box for my dryer so I can't do my seven loads of laundry
  • taking down the inflatable snowmen so they don't blow a fuse
  • emptying the gas from the lawn mower (because that makes sense before a huge snow storm)
  • turning on the dishwasher so the kitchen will be clean so I can bake...but then turning it off before it is finished to drain the frozen pipes

Tater's jobs:

  • to pull out every blanket in the living five times
  • to last through one run-through of the Sunday School Program practice before wreaking havoc on the church
  • to play nicely with her brother (for once!)
  • to beg to help with cookies after she has already opened and spilled the cinnamon

Bruiser's jobs:

  • go to his last day of school
  • hug his teachers and say "I miss you" without any prompting
  • to refuse to eat any lunch because he stuffed his belly with Munchkins at school
  • to gush blood from his mouth when he slipped from his little chair...including a trail of blood drops to the bathroom and a brush burned forehead in time for Christmas morning pictures!

Miss Wiggles:

  • take out every toy that has just been put away
  • create the hourly mess on the kitchen floor that I have to clean up
  • wiggle
  • be cute!

So that is our day of snow storm preparation...doesn't it sound oh, so relaxing?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tater's Preschool Christmas Program

Tater had her preschool Christmas program today...which lasted all of ten minutes! I'm trying to think positive and believe that it was just long enough for the little ones...and not a waste of a half-day for Daddy from work!

They sang several songs, played some instruments, and shared what gift they would give to Baby Jesus. Tater had no fear being front of the crowd, but we do need to work on her lady-like manners! Before the show started she developed an itch under her skirt and tights and kept pulling her skirt up to itch an inappropriate front of the entire audience and on every one's video! Fortunately, she quickly got involved in the songs and forgot about her itch!

She right in the middle in the green sweater.

There she is itching away!

Counting angels during a song!

Tapping the rhythm sticks.

Shaking those bells!

Taking a bow? Who knows!

Miss Wiggles

With the three other girls in her class. Her poor teacher has 11 boys in the class!


Bruiser finding safe spot to be...

With Tater's friend, M.

Miss Wiggles
And Tater's gift to Baby Jesus? A blanket to keep him warm and cozy!
Video to follow...I think I'll need to edit!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here Comes Santa!

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you start to feel the pressure...even when you are sick and would rather just curl up in your bed, drink hot tea with honey, and watch some mindless television!

But...that's not in the picture for me!

  • Gifts are bought or made...almost!
  • Gifts are wrapped and about to be labeled with my homemade labels!
  • Gifts are slowly being packed and hidden for the long trip to Papa and Mimi's.
  • Cookie making plans are underway for the weekend.
  • Cards are mailed (weeks ago!).
  • Thank you cards are ready and waiting!

  • There is laundry to do.
  • New family pictures to hang.
  • Goodies to make.
  • Grocery shopping to do.
  • A bit of cleaning to accomplish.
  • A few gifts to finish making.
  • January lesson plans to be written.
  • Holiday outfits to be planned.
  • Two of Tater's Christmas programs to attend.

...and how many hours are in a day?????

On the Blog tomorrow?
  • Tater's school Christmas program!!!

Oh, and the best Christmas gift we have received so far?
  • Bruiser got into the school department preschool and will be starting January 11th! He will get the services he needs and even gets to ride a bus like a big boy! Big steps but he's excited!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday Guess What?

Any guess what we made?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She Just Might Be Ready For Kindergarten!

Since Tater was born, I have fussed about her being on track developmentally and academically...after all, I teach kindergarten! So when she started preschool last year and didn't know her letters, couldn't write her name, and wouldn't even use scissors...I felt a bit embarrassed. Well, I quickly got over that! Here's the proof that she will be ready for kindergarten in the fall! (Which, by the way, she will attend in the afternoon - and I'll teach in the morning - and she will be with the other kindergarten teacher in the building!)
Tater puts this puzzle together all by herself and knows all the names of the states...after Daddy helping her about one time!

Writing a letter to Papa and Mimi

The letter she wrote and the one Mommy wrote

Another picture of her letter!

Disclaimer: I shamelessly brag about my child in this post...because she is mine and I can do that!