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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Blitz Boogie!

Even though a lot of this weekend was spent with the children and being together as a family - I mean, the kids even helped to build the deck! - there was adult time! Every evening we enjoyed many rousing rounds of a family favorite - Dutch Blitz. This is local card game from back home. The customized deck of cards is composed of four decks. Each deck has four colors of the numbers 1 to 10. The game is played kind of like Skip-O, meaning that you create piles of the numbers in increasing order by like color. Oh, and it's a speed game! So picture this - four very competitive adults, the frustrations of dealing with five children all day, and sheer exhaustion. What a recipe for comedy! There was much laughing, much flinging of insults, and much flailing! We had such a blast that we even "invented" our own challenging version - some might say that we had gotten so good at the game that we need to increase the level of difficulty!

Daddy was the biggest cheater - using two hands and flailing to distract!

We have no idea what Aunt Kiki was doing...but then again, do we ever?

Game Mode!

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