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Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Mommy Milestone

Just like our children reach those momentous milestones - rolling over, crawling, walking, sleeping through the night (in no particular order!) - I have come to learn that Mommies reach milestones as well. I suppose I was due for one...and is it ever a big one!
Tater has been taking a dance class since last summer. Each week she joins a small group of little ones to move to the music and practice tap, ballet, and jazz while I sit with the other mommies in the waiting area and share the trials of motherhood, fashion, and live in general. I have to admit that we both enjoy ourselves!
If anyone has ever been exposed to the world of dance, you are well aware of what happens at the end of the year ... take a deep breath ... THE RECITAL! Oh, yes, it is that time! Our first of most likely many! Tater is so excited - and I'm beginning to realize that I'm not so much. At first the thought of her in a cute little outfit, up on stage, going through the routine really appealed to me. Then I realized all that such an evening entails ... let me give you a taste of my life for the next month!
Paid for in addition to the regular classes.
Special tights are needed - also an additional cost.
White ballet shoes (Tater had pink!) and black tap shoes (those we had!)
Denim overalls, white shirt, and bandanna for the tap outfit (not able to order - find on your own!)
Bun for ballet (Have you seen Tater? She has a short bob, not just because its in style, but because her medicine stunts her hair growth. )
Ponytail for tap and jazz (So now I have to take hair that isn't meant for a bun, undo it, and put it in a ponytail that it won't do either?)
***More to come on this dilemma!***
(Oh, yes, for a 4-year-old!)
There will be a two-hour rehearsal the night before, full costume, full make-up, full HAIR!
Now, I need to find a sitter for this night because this is the only time you can take pictures and video for safety reasons. Which means, both Mommy (the costume extraordinaire) and Daddy (the cameraman) need to be free of little ones.
Professional pictures are this weekend (in between a preschool breakfast and G-Baby's baptism) and Tater needs to be in full costume, full make-up and full HAIR! Luckily (?), we will have both sets of grandparents here for the weekend and won't need to find a sitter for the others!
Another night, another sitter! Mommies have a reserved section so we can help with costume changes. Tater has a supply list that includes entertainment for between numbers, snacks, and water. We must stay the entire time because there is an awards and recognition portion at the end. There is an intermission! Another night of full costume, full make-up, full HAIR! And always the question of whether or not she will even go on stage!
Oh, yes, nothing goes without a hitch in our family. Tater will not have any family at the recital (although we have a few great friends that are going to be there to make her feel extra special!) because her recital falls on the same weekend that Papa and Mimi have to be away for Papa's work (*sniff, sniff*) (Interject pleading for any other family that wants to make the trip and surprise her - Uncle J, don't you have a free flight?). Papa even wanted me to have the dance teacher change the date just for him - sorry, Papa!
We love our dance studio and we love Miss Michelle! Even though all this is a learning experience ... a milestone ... for me, I wouldn't deny Tater any of it. I may not be a "Recital Mom" but Tater loves to dance! And you all will get to witness it - watch for the pics!

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