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Friday, January 12, 2018

Christmas 2017 (Finally!!!)

The one thing I requested was a GOOD family picture - and I got it :)

And then one of my favorite Christmas pictures came up in my TimeHop :)

Christmas Eve morning we opened gifts from my sister and her husband and my BFF - the plan was to take the edge off the excitement but it may have excited them even more!!!

 We ran a quick snowy errand with the littlest one and he had a good car nap :)

After Christmas Eve at our church, where Tater was the acolyte, we started a new tradition of Christmas Eve Tacos - and it was a hit!!!

Cookies, milk, and carrots!

Then we said goodbye to Pogo!

Pogo left us a sweet note, reminding us that Christmas was not just about the magic and Santa.

And Santa did come and left a few surprises!

I couldn't resist sneaking in for sweet sleeping pictures :)

"And the stockings were all hung..."

Christmas Day we woke up to a very white Christmas!

And the kids slept in a bit so we enjoyed the Christmas lights, a fire and some yummy breakfast!

I got the best morning snuggles with this little guy :)

Waiting at the top of the steps to see if Santa came!
New house, new steps, same tradition!

And here's a bit of the loot!

We played.  We ate.  We went to the movies.  
It was relaxing day with our sweet little family...and we loved every minute of it!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Wrapping Up Winter Break

Today I'm wrapping up our winter break - that went on fooorrrreeevveeerrr!  We had big plans and made a Winter Break Bucket List so we would be entertained for the 2 weeks the kids were out of school and Daddy took vacation.  Well, then this happened...


Welcome to Michigan!  We still managed to check off most of bucket list - we just eliminated the ones that required too much driving in the yucky weather :)

Some of things included renting old movies from our childhood to introduce the kids to (easy enough in this weather!), the AirZoo in Kalamazoo, snow tubing, ice skating, a few movies, etc.

We started strong on Christmas Day by seeing Star Wars The Last Jedi right in our hometown little theater.  The kids loved it, Bubba did pretty well and when he had enough I just gave him my phone :), and Mommy and Daddy will need to see it again to truly enjoy it - hahaha!

 There were a lot of days spent snuggled on the couch, drinking all the coffee...and, yes, my love of Rae Dunn runs strong!

Someone "borrowed" his sister's new slippers and I couldn't resist snapping a quick picture :)

This was at the AirZoo, which we have a membership for and LOVE!  It has rides inside and lots of fun planes to look at and explore.  There was a certain pre-teen that was a bit moody (When even started calling her Judy, referencing the book character, Judy Moody - lol!)

We took the short drive down to the lake almost every day to see how it was 
changing in the winter weather!

And on January 2nd, this guy went in for his 3rd pair of ear tubes - sigh...
He had his second set put in last spring but it appeared he was allergic to them - and had basically spent months with a raw and bloody ear...poor thing!  But he did great and is already telling us how much better his ears feel :)

So I did a crazy thing and joined a direct sales company!  Hello Pink is a brand new company that sells boutique clothing at amazing prices...and the quality is unbelievable!  The leggings might just be better than that other well-known company :)

Feel free to check out my page -
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Feel free to join for all the updates!!!

There was LOTS of snuggles and movies and popcorn!

We escaped at the end of break and braved the snow to spend a great afternoon snow tubing!

 And then just when I thought we had survived the 2 weeks and school was starting up again - we had a snow day - lol!  Joke was on me!!!