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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Welcome to "Kiki's" Hair Salon!

Here's my little ballerina at Family Night this week. I was amazed at how well she is learning the dances - especially since she has been there for the past three weeks while she was being a world traveler!
Good foot position!

I think this was during their jazz number.

Okay, I attempted the hair tonight. I tried many different versions and even ventured into putting it up. By the final style, I had to put her in "full make-up" as a reward for sitting for 30 minutes! Thank God for Noggin at a time like this! So, here are the modeling shots. Let me know which you like better - I'm looking (and by "looking" I mean "begging") for some advise! I am so not a Recital Mommy!
Style #1 - with clips holding her hair back from her face and lots of gel

Style #2 - snap clips holding her hair back from her face and even more gel!
I would add curls in the back if this was the final style (as well as with style #1)

Style #3 - slicked back ponytail with tons of gel

Style #3 - side view

Style #4 - in a bun!
Not very neat but who will see from stage!
I do need to get some bobby pins (hopefully small ones) if this is what I decide on.
Style #4 with make-up and a wicked red-eye from my camera!
Isn't she so pretty?

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  1. i just gotta say she's sooo pretty with all her hair off her face and neck! Cousin A and Aunt Kiki think style # 4 is recital worthy