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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, America!

A Bit of Culture

Sunday we headed to Papa and Mimi's house and hung out with aunts and uncles and a certain little chunk of a cousin!

It was hot again and Mimi needed a rest, so we headed to the local museum to check things out.

There was an amazing toothpick display that was incredible to look even held the kids' attention!  Bruiser has talked of nothing else than building a bridge out of toothpicks.

And here is the mummy I remember from childhood...many school trips were taken to this museum to see this very mummy.

There was also a great dinosaur exhibit that I recorded on my phone...stay tuned!

Pennsylvania Water Play!

This past weekend we headed to Pennsylvania to help Daddy's grandmother celebrate her 80th birthday and to deliver Tater to Papa's house for the month of July.  It was a quick three-day, two-night trip but we packed in a lot of fun! 

Saturday was unbearably hot but the kids stayed cool with some water play!