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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Round Up!

We were home this weekend but busy as usual!  Here is the picture I should be in bed so I can function tomorrow instead of typing and blogging!  But this is for you, Papa...enjoy!

We started with some pumpkin patching!

LOVE this of the sisters!

Can you SEE the attitude in this SASS?!?

 Then we swung by the beach...because when you are that close, why wouldn't you?  Well, we quickly learned why!  It was so windy it felt like we were in a sand storm in the middle of the desert...and we quickly retreated back to the car!

Then, Sunday we had Tater's NephCure Walk!  It was a day all about Tater! 

We had fun at the bounce house...

Spent some time as a family...

 And enjoyed an amazing afternoon with some wonderful friends!

Thanks to the Johnson family for traveling to walk with us!  We had a blast...despite the Grumpy Gus on the right-hand side! 

Also, many thanks to all the family and friends that donated and supported Tater's walk!  One of my favorite quotes from the afternoon was from one of the coordinators - "Wouldn't it be amazing if this walk no longer needed to exist in 10 years?"  That's our hope as we continue to support the research to cure nephrotic syndrome!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

It Was A Mystery!

With the long weekend on the horizon, we decided to head out on a Mystery Trip!  (Actually, we had booked the trip back in August and just refrained from telling the kids in order to maintain our sanity!)  So Friday afternoon we set off on a long drive to Stowe, Vermont.  It's a place that Daddy and I had traveled to before we added our little darlings to our family...and have been trying for several years to take the kids to.  It is absolutely beautiful with the autumn leaves and weather!

We arrived LATE Friday night at the condo we had rented.  The kids had slept most of the way there and were wide awake while Mommy and Daddy could hardly hold their heads up!  I think it was close to 3am until Sassy finally crashed on our bed.  You can imagine how wide-awake we were the next day!

We took the gondola up Mt. Mansfield.

Tater had her first chance to take a picture with Mommy's camera...not too bad!

At the top of the gondola ride.

We attempted to climb to the summit.  But Sassy struggled a bit with the rocky climb.

Love Bruiser's face in this one!

We toured the Ben & Jerry's Factory, traveled into Stowe for a nice dinner outside at the Rusty Nail, stopped for some apple donuts and apple cider slush at Cold Hollow Cider Mill, and headed back to the condo to explore the FunZone, which is filled with bouncy houses and games...even an indoor miniature golf!

This morning we hung out at the condo complex after another night of limited sleeping.
By 5am, all 3 kids were in our room...Tater on the floor and the other 2 in our bed.  Shouldn't have wasted the extra money on the 2-bedroom condo!

Then we took a hike through the amazing foliage!

We ended the trip with a stop at a favorite pizza place, A Pie in the Sky.  Bruiser didn't do so well...and he and I left in a fit.  I think he's a bit over-tired and maybe starting with an ear infection.  Oh, well...wouldn't be a Sprout Family adventure without some kind of illness!  

After long naps in the car on the ride home, Daddy and the kids are cuddled on the couch watching a movie and I'm ready to steal Sassy away and get her settled into her bed for a restful (we hope!) night!