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Saturday, May 16, 2009

One More Thing...

I know I have blogged a lot today. I had a lot of catching up to do!

But...this couldn't wait until tomorrow...

Tater came running to get me screaming "Mommy, come quick! Bruiser made something and you're not going to be happy! Follow me!" (We later learned that she had done the most of the mess and Bruiser went along for the ride!)

Of course I followed! And you could never even begin to guess what I saw.


My dining room table, my dining room floor, my dining room RUG, my living room floor, my end table, my FIREPLACE, G-Baby's exersauser, MY SON!

Oh, yes, they got into the paint I had been using earlier to paint the bricks around the fireplace. I had lightly closed the paint can and was waiting to do a second coat. I guess they decided I needed some help...WRONG!

They have never been in so much trouble. Tater lost the chance to talk to Papa tonight and had to tell him why. Bruiser climbed in his own bed when I sent him night-night. It was bad at the House of Sprout tonight.

And you would think an impression had been made until Tater said "I don't care if I'm naughty!" What to do next?

Oh, and we did manage to get all the paint off except for the navy blue surround of the fireplace that needs to be re-painted as soon as I'm done here - white paint on navy is not a good mix. And, no, there are no pictures. We were in shock and cleaned as fast as we could - sorry to disappoint those of you who wanted to share in our horror!


  1. oh no. I am glad you were able to get it cleaned up. What a nightmare.

  2. Sounds like this was just a big misunderstanding. (And Papa and punishment should never be used in the same conversation.)

  3. What creative children you have. Uncle Bill and I laughed so hard and at the same time sympathized with you to have to deal with the mess. Hard to believe that you will miss these days some day.

    Aunt Barb