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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Our local Chamber of Commerce runs an annual Touch-a-Touch day where local businesses bring in trucks and vehicles, big and small, and let the children explore! They get to climb in them and try the horns and many give out little treats. Today we came home with balloons, t-shirts, water bottles, bubbles, stickers, tatoos, shampoo and even some candy. The best part is the lemonade truck that gives out free lemon and watermelon ice - a local fav! Our worst part was trying figure who's watermelon ice Tater ate out of thinking it was her own!

We had a great time with our friends, The Eide's. This is the second year we have done this together...and the first time it didn't rain and require us to bundle up! We also ran into our friends, The Gallogy's, which excited Tater even more!

Bruiser in the firetruck.

Tater and our friend, S, posing.

Tater with P and R in the rescue boat.

Bruiser in the rescue truck.

Bruiser, J, and J's daddy in the backhoe.

Tater in the bob cat.

Bruiser in the bob cat.

Gotta love that face!

Tater and Daddy in the cement truck.

Our favorite truck...the moving truck!
The kids ran up the ramp and walked all over big sheets of bubble wrap...they were in heaven! Bruiser went back at least 4 times!

"Driving" the police car.

In the milk truck - it even looks like a cow!

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  1. that looks so fun. I wish they did something like that around here!