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Friday, May 29, 2009

Around the House!

Just when you say that you are not going to do any more projects, something always happens that you have to do immediately - it never fails!
This past week we discovered we HAD to redo the floor in our powder room. The previous owners installed peel-and-stick laminate that was not lined up very well (Tater could have done a better job!). Thus there were lots of cracks where potty accidents leaked through and I could no longer get my bathroom to smell lemony-fresh! So off the the home improvement store we went! We explored hardwood, tile, and even the world of peel-and-stick (which has made amazing leaps and bounds!) before we decided on a new type of laminate hardwood flooring. It looks like real wood, was easy to install, and best of all - it's waterproof (or in house - pee-proof!)! So Daddy started the project on a Monday evening and finished by midnight Tuesday. Of course, he had to work around a preschool picnic, my work schedule, dance class, a dentist appointment, and all the little problems that arise with any project. Below are the "during" pictures - this is the part I hate - oh, the mess! Then there is a finished picture - including new baseboards and a new transition piece - it looks professional!

Yea! It's finished and it smells yummy!

I threw in this picture of a piece that I just re-finished. A neighbor had it out for the trash and I sent Daddy "dumpster diving"! All it took was new panels of bead board on the back and a coat of chocolate brown paint - and it looks brand-new! It just goes to show that you never know what treasures you'll find!