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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day - Part 2

We spent the rest of the day finishing things up around the house...not that our list is any shorter! Here are a few shots from the weekend that didn't make the previous post.

Bruiser got these building toys at IKEA yesterday.
They are like a younger version on Kinx...and are really cool!
This arrived on Friday.
It's an early birthday present from Papa and Mimi...thank you!
I have been asking for such a beach cart for the past four years...this year Mimi told me to order it and be done with the never-ending search! It will be put to good use this year!
And this was the big project for the weekend...we actually build this farmhouse table from scratch! AMAZING!

Here it is stained completely. Don't you love the cardboard pieces under the legs?!?
Tomorrow I will add the polyurethane coat and we'll be able to eat on it. Next week, we plan to add two benches...and I might even attempt to build them all by myself!
Yes, I know! We are a bit crazy around here!

Everybody Loves A Parade!

We headed out today to our town's annual Memorial Day Parade! Luckily we are able to pile the kids in the stroller and walk a few short blocks for a great vantage point. We saw lots of motorcycles, lots of scout troops, lots of baseball players, lots of Mommy's students, and even Bruiser's best friend from school! It was a fun break from the routine and a great time spent with friends!

Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend - Part 1

We've been pretty busy at the House of Sprout! We are taking full advantage of the three day weekend and having one less child (Tater is still at Papa and Mimi's!). Yesterday we headed to IKEA to get the girls bunk beds only to discover they are back ordered until late July. But it wasn't a wasted trip...because when is an afternoon at IKEA ever wasted?!? I found plenty of new little projects for both Mommy and Daddy and some fun new toys for the little ones.

Here's Wiggles eating lunch at the IKEA cafeteria like a big kid!
And that's Bruiser in the background playing instead of eating...what a surprise!
After the disappointment over the bed, we headed to Lowes to buy wood to make a new dining room table. Yes, I said make! I discovered this amazing site, Knock Off Wood, that gives you detailed plans on how to make all sorts of furniture - right down to your shopping list and cut list. We'll see how it goes...because there are plans for a loft bed that might appear in the girls' room!
But, by the time we made it home, it was raining. So the wood stayed in the car and we finished some projects in the house.

The cords are hidden...finally!

Art Room shelves are hung and filled.
Now I have to decide if I want to stain them...hmmm!

Bruiser was already "doing art" this morning.

He gave his seal of approval!

Meanwhile, as soon as we clean up Wiggles from her messy breakfast, we are heading outside to build a dining room table!
Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Friday, May 28, 2010

And Then She Lost Her First Tooth!

So, we send Tater to Papa and Mimi's for a few weeks and she goes and grows up! She took a bite of chocolate chip short bread and out fell her first tooth! I sure hope that Tooth Fairy finds her at Papa's and give her a bonus for being so brave away from Mama and Daddy!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer...Already? Really?

So it's only the end of May and its already in the 90s...too hot, too soon! Our house was unbearable this afternoon so I filled the pool and we headed outside to cool off with a bit of splashing.
Bruiser was checking out the new pool from Papa and Mimi...and he approved!

Wiggles was a bit curious, too.

Bruiser helped fill the pool while Wiggles showed him where to put the water...because she knows oh so much!

It was chilly in the water but the hot weather was worse...they didn't hesitate to crawl in!

See Wiggles' arm and back?
She was outside with Daddy last night and the mosquitoes found her to be very sweet...they couldn't stop sampling her!

If you noticed, Wiggles started out with a bathing suit, then she dirty her swim diaper (5 minutes after I put it on...guess she didn't know they are the more expensive diapers!) and refused to put her suit back on.
And obviously she is having diaper issues here...

...and maybe this is part of the reason!
What IS she doing?!?!

After all the splashing, the kids ate a great dinner and we took them for ice cream...but brought it home to eat so we could avoid the mosquitoes!
And this is where Miss Wiggles decided she was going to sit to eat her ice least until Daddy took her down and she threw a royal temper fit. I mean, kicking and screaming and laying on her belly on the floor. It may have challenged her Auntie M's temper one messes with a girl's ice cream!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The End of the Mullet!

Miss Wiggles got a haircut today...we needed to remove the mullet!

The Graduation Post!

Here is our preschool graduate!
Wiggles is waiting...kind of patiently!

Outside her playground.

Mimi and Bruiser waiting!


There is our graduate!

Singing a song.

Singing "Take Me Out To The Seashore!"
Love how Tater's sunglasses are on her head like her Mommy!

Looking for us...she couldn't find us and was a bit worried!

Getting her diploma!

We had a little party for the graduates.
Here is the painting that they did...Bruiser REALLY liked it!

Tater's friend, L.

Even the big kids had fun!

Daddy and Wiggles

There was a LOT of jumping!

Smile, Jen!

Cake Time!
Thank you, Mimi and Papa!

It was a fun and busy weekend...and now Tater is spending her vacation with Papa and Mimi. And Mommy and Daddy need a week to recover!
Can't believe we have a preschool graduate!