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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Confessional Thursday!

I'm joining in with Jess over at The Newly to share the confessions of my mom life!

I confess...

I am over doctors and medicine!  Bubba had another ear infection and another round of meds.  We are now awaiting an appointment with the ENT that put his tubes in.  4 infections in 2 months that seem to be resistant to ear/eye drops while having tubes is just too much!  Add on top of that...Sassy fell off the swing in our basement and injured the tendon in her elbow...more meds, wrapping, swelling, and rest.  You can be assured I ordered a mat for under the swing!!!!

I loved getting away for the weekend with Sassy to surprise Papa!  One child is such a difference from 4!!!  We enjoyed some cousin time, some girl time, and a concert with Papa.  And the drive that takes 6+ hours with 4 kids was sooooo much quicker with just one (try 4 1/2 hours!!!).

I love days that we stay home and don't shower until lunch time!

I am doing my best to jump back into blogging.  It's a therapy I need and a chance to connect with other moms!  It's something I love and need!

I love having manicures.  It makes me feel so pretty :).  But it's one thing I gave up when I chose to stay at home.  Painting them myself had become a several times a week event, nothing seeming to last as long as the gel manicures I loved.  So a friend encouraged me to try Jamberry nails...and it was pretty much love at first application!  See how pretty????

I'm hosting an on-line sale this month...check out my facebook link and feel free to order and fall in love yourself!