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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What I Learned This Week

1. I learned I have a big girl who has finished her first year of preschool. When did she get so big? I can still picture her coming home from the hospital, sleeping in her infant seat, and snuggling into my neck. Now she's already had the first school experience - and runs into school to see her friends! Is it possible to stop time - has anyone figured that one out yet?

2. I learned that having your husband install a floor in your powder room may not be worth the cost of paying someone to do it (and I just realized this in the past five minutes as I am listening to my husband work!).

3. I learned that a good book group is an awesome thing to be a part of! It encourages you to read (obviously the main purpose!) and grows great friendships!

4. I learned where I am on my spiritual journey and where I want to be...and I'm working on building that path.

5. I learned that even a veteran mother of three can misdiagnose an ear infection. It makes me so mad when I make all the arrangements to get one of the kids to the doctor only to discover said child has a COLD and not an infection that calls for any kind of medication! Shouldn't I know better?

6. I learned to not leave a gallon of paint at my children's level without the lid being Super Glued on. I learned that 4-year-olds and 2-year-olds find paint fascinating. I learned that when your 4-year-old says "Mommy, Bruiser made something and you're not going to be happy!" you come running - fast! I learned that if you move very fast, you can clean up wet paint! I learned grandparents NEVER see the bad in what grandchildren do (and no, Papa, giving Tater one scoop of ice cream instead of two is not the appropriate punishment!). I also learned that some people (mainly those not directly involved in the crisis) can't understand why you didn't stop and take pictures before you cleaned up the mess.


  1. Oh, we are in the middle of bathroom remodeling, and we are NOT doing it ourselves for that reason. Good luck!

  2. So funny. I can understand why you didn't take pictures (although they would have been funny to see)....
    And Grandparents won't ever see the bad...Dad always tells me we are mean parents when the kids get in trouble.... :) Grandkids can do no wrong:)

  3. We need to replace the floor in one of our bathrooms and I just can't bring myself to let my husband do it.
    I feel your pain with the paint, we had that happen last year. I didn't take pictures, either but wished I had.

  4. Great lessons.

    I am with you on the grandparents always seeing the good in our kids!

    You mean you did not take a photo of the evidence for us bloggers?!!!

  5. Loved your list. I could relate to a few of those. Especially, about paying someone instead of having your husband do it. Time vs hard.

  6. Wow...what a week you have had. Isn't is amazing the lessons that children can teach us!

    Bless you, sweetie!