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Monday, August 31, 2009

A Beauty Queen in the Making!

We have been allowing Bruiser and Tater to sleep in the same room for the past week. Partly because we needed to move Miss Wiggles out of our room and into her own room - and since she still wants a middle of the night snack, she was waking up her roommate (aka Tater!). So the easy solution was to put Tater in Bruiser's loft while he remained in his race car bed. All good in theory!

So the routine is that Bruiser goes down first and then Tater follows after he is asleep. Well, tonight he decided to still be awake at her bedtime. So they were both awake in the room. At about 9:30 I heard a door open, the pitter-patter of little feet, and a bit of chattering. Then I found Bruiser sitting at the top of the steps and Tater standing behind him. I decided I was not handling this myself and sent Bruiser to find Daddy in the "man room." As I sent him off, I turned to sent Tater back to bed.

Me: "Tater, go get back in bed and go to sleep."
Tater: "I was trying to get my beauty sleep and Bruiser was keeping me up!"

I guess your never too young for "beauty sleep"!

Soccer Mom, Here I Come!


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Quote of the Day

As we were driving along today, running those many weekend errands - you know, the ones that multiply while you are doing them? - Tater piped up from the back of the minivan:

"Mommy, are there babies waiting in Heaven for families that aren't quite ready for them?"

Where does she come from? I wish I could get inside that head -so ahead of her years!

Wiggle Power!

Last night, Daddy had the kids while I went grocery shopping (aka Trader Joe's!) with a girlfriend. Don't you love the excitement of our Friday nights?!? As he was getting them ready for bed, Miss Wiggles was ALL over the place...she never stops anymore! Tater looked at Miss Wiggles and then turned to Daddy and announced, "She's got wiggle power!"

Friday, August 28, 2009

Completely Too Funny!

Check out this video! Way too funny after this post from Wednesday!

Another Goodbye...Please No More!

This morning, we bid farewell to another set of friends who have decided to move to yet another non-existent state. I mean, really, who moves to Texas in August?

With tears and hugs and promises of many visits, Dana and Nicholas headed out this morning on their road trip to their new and first house in Austin. We've had a fun two years getting to know them, sharing our children with them, and spending fun-filled evenings that usually involved food, video games, and yummy drinks!

Dana spent almost every day here over the past year, watching the little ones so I could venture off to work. She became such a part of our daily life! She was here from the time Miss Wiggles came home from the hospital, watching her grow into the wiggle worm she's become! It's so hard to know that she will miss all those little day-to-day milestones!

As they drove off this morning, embarking on their multi-state adventure, Bruiser watched them go and then called out, "I ride Na-Na's far!" But I quickly told him that there was no way I would ever allow him to move to such a non-existent state!

Have a safe trip, Dana and Nicholas! We can't wait to see the blog entries of your new adventure! And let us know when you've booked your flight for your first visit back or when the heat has driven you out of Texas...which ever happens first!)!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Mrayers, Momma, Mrayers!"

Bruiser never lets a night, and sometimes even a nap time, go by without saying his "mrayers" - Bruiser-speak for "prayers!" Last night Daddy was out helping our friends pack their POD so they can move to Texas - against my better judgement, I mean, he was only facilitating them leaving, right? I, as I was settling the little ones in, Bruiser, of course, asked to say prayers. It went something like this:

Mommy: "Now I lay me down to sleep, I prayer the Lord my soul to keep. God Bless Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, "Miss Wiggles," all my family, all my friends, "Momas, "Een" and God bless "Bruiser."

Bruiser: "Ka-chow!"

I guess God can accept that as "Amen"!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - What is it?

This is an example of Aunt C's amazing artistic talent. She once drew a truck for Bruiser that you would not have believed...or even known it was a truck!
This was also a picture for Bruiser...any guesses what it's supposed to be?
And, no, Aunt C, you can't make a guess!

Slug Fest 2009! (Warning! Not for those with a weak stomach!)

Oh, yes, you read that correctly!

You see, whenever we visit my in-laws something unusual usually happens. There have been messages written on crackers using "cheese in a can." Unusual African wooden heads have been found hiding in our bedroom. There has been talk of a bent car antenna providing "incredible reception from Germany." Yes...very unusual things!

But thus past visit may top them all. While Daddy and Bruiser were spending their sick time at Pop-Pop and Memaw's, they supposedly ventured outside to hunt and slaughter slugs...with salt! So when I talked to Daddy the following day, he quickly had to go because Bruiser was pouring salt all over the kitchen floor. Wonder where he got that idea?

Several days later, the girls ventured down, under the false assumption that the illnesses had passed. That evening the Martins - Uncle Nailbag, Aunt C, A, and M - stopped by for an evening of fun that turned into - - - Slug Fest 2009!

Oh, yes, the slug hunting continued! For some unknown reason, my in-laws house attracts massive amounts of slugs. And for some even more unknown reason, my husband felt it was his duty to capture said slugs and destroy them. The entire family traipsed around in the dark with one flashlight, hunting slugs. Of course there was much picture taking...we are bloggers!

It was even funnier to hear the screeches and the odd quotes that flew through the air.

After finding one particularly large slug, I heard some one (a man, of course) say, "That one might be pregnant...let's kill it anyway!"

When my father-in-law call for us to come to the side of the house, I heard my sister-in-law scream, "We've hit the motherload!"

And when Daddy was attempting to add more slugs to his already overflowing tub, he was heard to say, "Quick! They're attacking!"

And, as odd as it may seem, it was a fun way to spend a summer evening...if for nothing more than finding material for an unusual blog entry!

For video footage of the great event, check out this link!

Approaching the slugs
Two innocent victims

Daddy - the mastermind!

The slugs

This is the piece of mulch my father-in-law threw at me and told me was a slug.
I was not amused!

The Motherload

Adding the salt


The Hunting Crew!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let's Try This Again...

After Bruiser's initial train ride, we had plans to ride another train with Pop-Pop and tour the train museum the very next day. Well due to the never-ending mysterious illness, those plans got "de-railed." So, later in the week, when we thought everyone was feeling better, we headed to to our second train trip of the vacation. It was hot and there were moments where we questioned why we were doing it...but it was fun!

Seeing if we fit in with the Amish...see my reflection under Bruiser's head...weird!

Love Bruiser's excited smile!

Watching them switch the engine

Going for a ride on the little train

Isn't it cute?
While we were visiting, we walked by a shed with its doors open. There were several train cars parked in front of it, blocking the doorway. As we passed it, Daddy caught a glimpse of blue. Yes, that's right, "Momas"! The station has a Thomas event scheduled for September, so they were house the engine in preparation. Daddy thought Bruiser would be absolutely thrilled if we snuck back in and took a we did...and then we left with a traumatized little boy! Seems Thomas needed a bit of repair and they had removed his face! All we have heard since is "They fix Momas? They fix Momas?" Just another reason why we are not in the running for "Parents of the Year"!
P.S. After the day of reprieve, both Daddy and Bruiser were sick again! We were not meant to go on vacation!

Monday, August 24, 2009

All Aboard!!!!

Last week we headed "home" to the grandparents for a week's visit full of local sight-seeing. It started out well with an exciting, although HOT, visit to a local railroad. Bruiser knew we were going on a "mystery trip" but didn't know where! His face when we pulled into the train station was priceless! That day may have been the highlight of his little life! Thank you, Papa and Mimi!

Arriving at the station

We had tickets aboard the 1:00!

Checking out the tracks

In the caboose

Again, in the caboose

Posing with Uncle J

Tater boarding with Papa and Mimi

Mimi holding onto Bruiser...tightly!

Mommy's favorite picture of her little engineer!

Watching out the window

"Chugga, chugga, choo-choo!"

Uncle J

Miss Wiggles, Auntie M, and Uncle C
In spite of the heat, we all enjoyed watching Bruiser enjoy his adventure!
As I mentioned earlier, the vacation started out great, but quickly down hill! By early Monday morning, both Daddy and Bruiser had caught a stomach bug and Mommy left them at Memaw and Pop-Pop's and headed for germ-free ground at Mimi and Papa's. So the boys spent the vacation sick and the family spent the week split apart.
Daddy has finally (after almost a week) made a full recovery, but Bruiser is still not bouncing back. We headed to the doctor today, who order blood and lab cultures. We will re-check his weight tomorrow and hope it has stabilized and we don't have to head to the ER for fluids. Say a little prayer for us!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wordless Wednesday "Cheese!" Edition!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Chickens, Goats, Chickens, Turkeys, Sheep, and...Yes, More Chickens!

Last weekend, Daddy's company had a family picnic at a local farm and nature preserve. Tater was away with Mimi and Papa, but headed off bright and early with Bruiser and Miss Wiggles. It took us a bit of time to find the right spot, but when we did we found a great location with lots of activities to keep the kids - big and little - entertained. We explored the bounce house, the farm, the volleyball court, and, of course, the food!

Our day started off with us discovering just how small a world we live in! When we arrived, another family has also just pulled into the parking lot. Daddy had just spent a week training with the husband, which was a bit uncommon since they worked in different areas of the company. The husbands began introductions when I looked at the wife and realized that she and I had spent time together while her daughter and Bruiser were in speech group together...small world!

Bruiser spent most of the day hauling his bag of "fars" around and finding secluded areas to play by himself. He really prefers to be by himself!

Playing "fars" in the volleyball court

Smiles from Miss Wiggles

Bruiser and his bag of "fars"


Checking out the chickens

Visiting the goat