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Friday, May 31, 2013

February 2013 Catch-Up

We continued our yearly tradition of Super Bowl Sundaes!
We wore football jerseys and shirts...although they may not have been the appropriate team!
The kids watch the first quarter or so and then headed off to bed.  We determined while watching the halftime show that Sassy should never be exposed to mainstream pop culture music and dance...our life will be over!

And then there was a little thing called a blizzard...
We lost power around 10pm Friday night...and that meant heat and the water heater.
It was fairly warm through the night, all snuggled in our beds.  Then we woke up.  Yeah.

This was breakfast on Saturday morning. 
Cold cereal, cold milk, cold people!
Out the front window

Braving opening the front door!

Our old sled on the front porch
We lasted until mid-afternoon and then headed out in search of warmth.  We went for a drive, stopped by a neighbor's house with a wood stove, and then decided to get a hotel for the night.  We had to drive well into the next state...and later discovered they had gotten the worst of the storm!  No wonder we had a tough time finding a room!  And just as we pulled into the hotel, our friend called to tell us we now had power!  Oh, well...we were staying!
(Keep in mind that I was 6 months pregnant and miserable through all this!)
The next morning we headed home to assess the damage, begin the clean out and play!

Princess of the Mountain!

Tater also had a birthday in February...she turned 8!
We had just our family and then a visit from Papa and Mimi.
Pictures must be on my phone...because I can't seem to find them on here!
And that was February!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

January 2013 Catch-Up

January was all about Bruiser turning 6!
No, seriously, he made sure the whole month focused on his birthday and that no one forgot it!
A little birthday morning trap!
Only he had to go to the bathroom around 11:30pm...oh, well!

The big gift that took much longer to assemble than we thought!

Birthday dinner!

Checking out the hoops!

Cake time!
Then a few weeks later (which is probably why the birthday lasted all month :) ), Bruiser had a bowling party with all his friends.  I didn't have to plan anything but the favors and everyone had a blast.  I love that he chose to invite more girls than ladies man!

And that's January!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

December 2012 Catch-Up (Warning - Picture HEAVY!)

  • Mommy was still feeling yucky but we knew we had a lot to accomplish and experience!
  • We made a trip to IKEA (just the grown-ups!) to get Bubba's nursery furniture.  Our crib had traveled to PA and was just bigger than we could transport back and fit in our bedroom (where Bubba will reside until he sleeps through the night!).
  • We visited Santa (but I have no digital copy of that picture :( ).
  • And then we headed to Pennsylvania for the holidays!
Our first stop was Pop-Pop and Memaw's, since we needed to go to our first gift that evening.  Aunt Crystal and Uncle Jeff took our whole family to see "Jonah!" at Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA.  We were super-excited and a tad nervous how Sassy would do through the show.  We also knew it would be a late evening and we had just traveled all day (we might have been more nervous about how Mommy would survive than the kids!).  Luckily all felt amazingly well, there was limited tiredness until the drive back to Pop-Pop and Memaw's, and the show was amazing!  Before the show started we got a bit of a behind-the-scenes tour, since Uncle Jeff works there building the sets.  It was really amazing and I have no pictures to show :(.  It was a fantastic night and the perfect family gift...and we can't wait to take the kids to see "Noah!"
On Christmas Eve, we headed to Papa and Mimi's to visit our littlest cousin and wait for a surprise visit from a very special holiday guy!
Can you tell they are cousins?

We know they are not quite normal...but we like them anyways!

Ho! Ho! Ho! 
And this was the closest Sassy got to the man in the red suit...she and her cousin decided he wasn't their cup of tea!

My brave ones!
Then we headed back to Memaw and Pop-Pop's for cookie-putting-out, reindeer feeding, and Christmas PJs!

Waiting at the top of the steps Christmas morning...
while Mommy and Daddy check to see if Santa came!
Love this family tradition!

Reindeer food was eaten.
Santa left a footprint or two...and some wrapping paper!

He also built a snowman wearing Pop-Pop's infamous "mowing jacket"!
Love a white Christmas!

Sassy was excited to see all the gifts!

That's some loot!

First came stockings!

Then a family gift.

The girls' big gift...can you guess what two girly girls got from Santa!
They were thrilled to welcome Caroline and Marie Grace into our family!

Sassy was looking at Tater's doll with extreme jealousy...she announced this was the one she wanted the day after Santa ordered the dolls!  Oh, well!

Bruiser's race-track build set!

Then we got dressed and headed to papa and Mimi's for more gifts!

Love this cute boy (and the sweater that his auntie spoiled him with!)

Again...that crazy one!

Told you his was a little bit crazy...who knows what happened here!


We spent a few more days with the relatives, until Mommy was just worn out and feeling pretty rotten.  We headed home to enjoy the rest of vacation relaxing and playing with our new toys.

Then right before we headed back to school and work, we had a bit of snow!  It was time to play!

And that is where she stayed and cried!
Sassy is not a fan of the white stuff!

And that was December!