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Monday, May 4, 2009


Tater, Bruiser, and G-Baby love their cousins as much as their cousins love them back! We had a great time watching them all interact together! Tater had a tough time sharing her bestest cousin friend, MJ - she even had a song about it! When MJ was building trains with Bruiser, Tater could be heard singing "Nobody plays with me! Nobody likes me!" over and over in the world's saddest voice. If it hadn't been so cute, we would have cried with her!
As the weekend wore on, everyone seemed to work out their differences and had a blast! Tater frequently played the princess and spent her time looking for her prince (MJ). AR loved being with G-Baby and could be seen carrying her all around. Bruiser just went with the flow and followed whoever was near by!

Camping out in Bruiser's room - Bruiser's in the bed, MJ's next on the floor, and Tater is next to him. Even Shadow got in on the sleepover!

Watching the anteater!

Sitting on a giant caterpillar (L to R) AR, G-Baby, MJ, Bruiser Boy, & Tater Tot!

"I wanna be like MJ!"
Bruiser Boy and MJ at Secret Beach

Cousins at play!
(L to R) Bruiser Boy, G-Baby, AR, MJ, & Tater Tot

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