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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What I Learned This Week

This week I had a new technique for this post - I kept notes so I could remember all I learned come Tuesday! We'll see how well that worked!

1. Texting is not that easy!

We had family coming to visit from out of town and dreamed of an evening away without children. How is it that the one weekend I want to go out, there are no babysitters available? The scheduling god was not on my side! But I learned a very valuable lesson during my babysitter search - teenagers love to text...and I have no idea how it all works! My daily sitter was here during the process and was practically rolling on the floor listening to me type one of my first text messages. Who knew it could be so complicated! Not only that - as soon as I figured it out and sent the message, I set my phone down and walked away from it. Then not even five minutes later it made an unusual sound and I looked at D as she started to laugh again. I guess my phone chimes when I recieve a message. Again, who knew!

2. It takes some time to build a deck.

This weekend my husband and brother-in-law built an amazing deck in our backyard. Did you know that you can't build a deck in day? Particular men had me convinced it would be finished the first day and then proceeded to blame me for making a complicated design. If you look at the pictures I posted, it was not that complicated!

3. Multiply the children and multiply the problems.

Wow, I thought three children was crazy...until the cousins came! We added two more children ... older children ... and the chaos exploded. Keep in mind, it was mostly from my children's excitement but it was crazy non-the-less!

4. Family is fun!

We had a blast with our family that lives too far away! We laughed and conspired and commiserated - it was great! These are the times when you realize all that you are missing by living so far away. And then the drama begins and you realize you are slightly glad to be at a distance! That aside, thanks for a great weekend, Martin Family! We had a blast and can't wait for the next visit - we are in hard-core Blitz training!


  1. i totally agree especially with #4

  2. I've heard that my phone can text. I just refuse to believe it. Too much pressure trying to keep up with 12 year olds.

  3. Oh yeah, texting is a pain unless you have a blackberry or something with a full keyboard. I used to hate it until I got my blackberry.

    Great idea, taking notes. I should do that! LOL!!