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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baptism Pictures...Finally!

It may have taken a bit of time...but Papa came through!
Here are the memories of G-Baby's Blessing Day!
The Entire Family
Notice the tears on Tater's Face...not one of her shining moments!
The House of Sprout
(minus that would have made for an interesting baptism!)

The Crew!
G-Baby looks a timy bit nervous...I wonder why!

Bruiser blowing bubbles with C.

And this one I just saw...who's going to fess up to letting my baby feed herself?

So, here is a re-cap of the baptism. The morning started out great. Both sets of grandparents and Tater had stayed a hotel the previous night so there was plenty of time for Daddy, Mommy, Bruiser and G-Baby to get ready. We actually made it to church early! I should have known things were taking a turn for the worse when Bruiser tumbled on his way into church and began to gush blood. But oblivious to what was yet to come, we settled the children in the nursery and took our spots at the front of the church...not our normal spot and now I know why! Within five minutes of the service starting, we hear the pitter-patter of little feet and find Tater scooting into the pew beside us. Daddy then turned to me and asked how much longer until Bruiser made an was followed by a screech...and yes, there was Bruiser sitting right behind us! I later found out that the adult for nursery was a no-show and the two teenagers let the children wonder out at will!
So the service progressed with a bit more noise than I (and many others!) preferred. The sermon seemed particularly long ... and the minister later commented that she felt that way too! At one point, our friend Dana went running to catch Bruiser. And I think I have mentally blocked out whatever else happened so that I won't be too embarrassed when I show my face at church tomorrow!
The Baptism followed the sermon. We all went up front ... and by all I mean Mommy, Daddy, G-Baby, Bruiser, Tater, Pop-Pop, and Papa (the two sponsors). Then the minister invited the children to come forward and sit in the aisle so they could see better. That's when it happened - the children shuffle! The minister's husband, who was helping to video the service, later recalled this and laughed. His paraphrased comment was something to effect that watching our children made all the other parents feel better about when their kids do the same thing! Tater and Bruiser began the Baptism standing at our feet. Then Daddy was holding Tater. Then Bruiser wanted me to hold him so Daddy put Tater down and took G-Baby from me so I could hold Bruiser. Then Tater began to cry until I convinced her to go to Papa. Keep in mind that through this whole charade we are supposed to be watching the baptism process and participating in the liturgy. It was a bit trying!
All in all, it went well and we came home a organized a lovely lunch for family and friends. And when it was all over (around 2:30pm) we loaded everybody in the car and went to walk Secret Beach ... because it was Mother's Day after all!

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