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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Tater: "Aw, that's precious!"
Daddy: "What does precious mean?"
Tater: "It means when you are sleeping and you are really, really cute!"


Mama: "What are you building?"
Tater: "We are going to build the house. It's really, really hard but we are gonna try our bestest, Mama!"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where Do Your Zhu-Zhu Pets Reside?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Announcing Our Newest Family Members!

This weekend we broke down and re-opened the fish tank and added eight new members to our family! The kids had fun setting the tank up with Daddy, who might be questioning how helpful they really were!

Yes, Bruiser is shaking the fish food without pants - that's common for Bruiser!

Don't you love the hand on the hip!

Action shot!

Helping Daddy?

Miss Wiggles!

Can you see the fish?

And here?

Here is their new home - in Bruiser's room!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tumble Tots!

Our local rec center offer some amazing programs for toddlers...for free! One program that we take advantage of each winter is "Tumble Tots." Children between the ages of 3 and 5 are able to play and move under the direction of several instructors. There is little structure but lots of energy burning! And this year, for the first time, Bruiser is old enough to join in! So bright and early Saturday morning, the entire House of Sprout headed out to enjoy some fun!

Miss Wiggles felt a bit left out!

Bruiser was right on target with the stretching...

...and twisting!

He did the circle play ... for a few minutes!

He smiled to show how much fun he was having...during a drink break!

When they divided into smaller groups, he had to hold the teacher's hand.
It was partly his choice and partly a strategic move on her part!

He had a bit of trouble rolling like a log...

...he kept going crooked!

And waiting in line was very HARD!!!

Oh, and Tater was there too! She was just so independent that we didn't have to worry about her!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Very Confused Little Boy!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Catching Up ("A No Pictures Post")

Sorry in advance to the grandparents - no pictures with this post! I promise tomorrow will bring lots of shoot-able memories!

Tater has returned and has settled back in much easier than I expected. She seems to be happy to be back with her own things and with her family. We still hear very frequently..."I miss Papa!"...but she is crying a bit less! She has returned to school and is enjoying her friends. She announced she will be marrying her friend, S, but we told her she has to wait a few years!

Bruiser LOVES school...or at least the bus ride! He has shared a bit more about his afternoons since that first day. We now know he plays with "hars" (what a surprise!), sand, and puzzles. He loves to talk about the bus and the other kids on it. "They go home to them mommies? And them daddies? And them babies?" and "My bus has lights?" Reports from his teacher have been good and I even find his speech a bit clearer! Tomorrow he starts Tumble Tots at our local rec center with Tater...we'll see how that goes!

Miss Wiggles has been enjoying her afternoons with Mommy! We spent Wednesday at Target and today at Trader Joe's and Sam's Club. So exciting! She also has been fighting sleep...staying up until 11pm last night...which was not on our schedule! So, she was a bit tired today! And I love to watch her "play" with the other two! She watches what they do and then swoops in to steal something when they are distracted...and runs when they scream. Priceless!

And the big news? We are adding to the family! No, not a baby...but some fish! Since Shadow seems to have taken up semi-permanent residency with Mimi, we offered to set up the fish tank for the kids in the meantime. Bruiser can't wait to "watch the fish" and "feed fish." Tater wants to get a rainbow fish and she wants Mommy to get a pink one with polka dots! Miss Wiggles just watches it all happen! We'll post pictures when the new additions arrive!

Have a great weekend and watch for updates on the fish, Tumble Tots, and our new? minister...which will be the main focus of our busy weekend! Say a little prayer that all works out for church community as we venture into the next stage of growth!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Girls' Day Edition!

Bruiser was at school, so Mommy and the girls had a nice relaxing afternoon!
Don't you love the face on Miss Wiggles?

Yes, it was 1:00 pm and she was still in her jammies!

Tater loves this...but does Miss Wiggles?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap!

Miss Wiggles and I flew to Papa and Mimi's house for the long weekend to pick up Tater and bring her home from her long vacation. We had a great "girls + Papa" weekend, with plenty of shopping, eating, and relaxing. It was a nice time for Mommy and the girls to enjoy being with the grandparents!

Miss Wiggles enjoyed her breakfast...and making a mess!

Mommy and Mimi took Tater to the Planetarium (while Papa stayed home to watch the Cowgirls...oops, I mean Cowboys...lose).

She was so excited she couldn't stand still!

Happy girls in pink!
Thanks, Papa and Mimi, for a fun weekend! And know we are missing you Tater lays in bed crying herself to sleep, wanting her Papa!

Friday, January 15, 2010


The girls are getting ready to head to Mimi and Papa's by air to pick up Tater while the boys have a quiet weekend at home. Bruiser had a crazy week adjusting to school and needs some time to relax and unwind. Mommy and Miss Wiggles can't wait to hug Tater tonight! We have missed that little one...whether she missed us or not!

As I've been busy packing and preparing for a plane trip with a busy toddler (although it is only one child...and not three! Which makes it so much easier all around!), I was clearing the camera off and found some random pictures to share!

Bruiser "sharing" his toys!
(Notice Miss Wiggles' face!)
Daddy playing with a new toy.


And more smiles!

Silly boy in a side-ways picture!


Miss Wiggles' new crazy hair!
(Don't you love the towel behind her to show the hair?)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Big Boy, School Boy!

Bruiser headed off to school for the first time this afternoon...and he was so excited!

He stood waiting at the door for 30 minutes for the bus...that never arrived!

So, Mommy and Daddy and Miss Wiggles drove him to school so he wouldn't be late!

He took a minute to pose outside his school...when he really wanted to run right in!
But rest assured, the minute it was time to walk down to his classroom without Mama, all he could do was sniffle and whimper, "I need you, Mama!" I left with a few tears in my eyes (because I am a Mama!) but knew it was best to let him walk to his classroom without me (because I am a teacher, too!).
About halfway though the day (while Daddy and Miss Wiggles and I were running lunch, church chores, visiting Mama's school, and watching Mama fall on her face in the parking lot of the bank! Oh, yes, I did!), Bruiser's teacher called to let me know that he was doing well...settling in, tolerating circle time (his least favorite!), and participating in speech group. I felt so much better when I got that message!
Then he came home on the bus...just like a big boy! It was all he could talk about! I have no idea what he did all day or who his friends are but I do know he rode the bus and can't wait to do it again tomorrow!
(On another note, I also know that what I though would be perfect dismissal times for both Bruiser and Tater from preschool so that I cold get her and be home to get him off the bus...isn't so perfect! His bus was 10 minutes early! So, I guess Tater will have to be picked up a bit early...oh, well!)

And this is where he ended up within 10 minutes of walking in the door! He was falling asleep at the table eating the Munchkins Mama and Daddy got him as a special treat for his first day! Such a tired boy after such a busy day!
Wonder how tomorrow will go?!?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey!

When we asked Bruiser what he wanted to do for his birthday, he decided to go see our city's local hockey team play a game...with a few helpful suggestions from Mommy and Daddy, of course! He had been to one hockey game before with Papa and loved it seemed like a great place to spend his birthday weekend.

Bruiser and Daddy before the game started.

Bruiser watching warm-ups from the empty seat in front of us.

Where Bruiser spent much of the game. He was tired and enjoyed some time cuddling with Daddy and having quality time with his thumb!
Bruiser did awesome at the game. He sat and watched the game...he was really good at keeping his eye on the puck! He even lasted the entire game...and into overtime! He did mind the noise a bit but felt better when he was sitting on a safe lap!
We can't wait to take him again! As we left, he asked, "I play hockey, Mama?" And my answer? "Maybe!"

Miss Wiggles' "Cheese!"

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bruiser's Special Day

Bruiser had a great day with with family celebrating birthday #3! We started off slow, sleeping in late. Then we enjoy breakfast and cuddled on the couch for a video break.
After showers and cozy clothes, we headed out for Bruiser to spend his birthday money. He had so much fun walking around the toy store like a big boy, getting to choose his own toy, and then getting to pay for it himself! After a "unch" break and a few more errand, we headed home to bake a cake and have a pizza birthday dinner.

Bruiser's only request for his birthday was to have cake with our friend from church, Baby B. So they stopped by to play and eat! And Bruiser was thrilled!!!!

Don't you love the birthday hat? Thank you, Ikea!

The big boy gift!

Opening the favorite gift...

...checking it out...

(The cake shot!)

...and playing with the favorite toy! He loves Imaginex!

Getting ready for cake with Baby B.

Hiding while we sing to him!

Waiting for Mama to cut the cake!

Savoring the cake!

Happy Birthday, Bruiser Boy!