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Monday, July 24, 2017

We've Moved!

It's been 2 weeks since we've made the 14 hour drive and filled a 53' tractor trailer (with an extension platform off the back and storage underneath!).  The boxes in the house drove me crazy so I worked my behind off and we were hanging things on the walls within 4 days and finished organizing the garage this weekend.  The moving company picked up the boxes this past Friday and we are feeling settled - in the house anyway!  

Here are the shots of the outside...

Thanks to Papa for the rockers on the front porch - it has been a wish list item for me for a long time!

Even the Suburban fits in this garage :)

Daddy will be building a table for the deck and re-staining it in the next few weeks.  We left a beautiful outdoor space in RI and are happy that it won't take too much to make the new space compare!  

So much space!

This is another project - we're going to box this out and mulch it so it's easier for Daddy to cut around with the mower.

More house pictures to come!  Wait until you see the inside :)

Meanwhile we are preparing for our first houseguest this weekend and getting to know our new town and state!