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Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Recap (or the answer to the grandparents "When Are You Going to Post Again????")

We had a busy weekend! Although, by now, you probably know that is the norm at the House of Sprout!

Saturday morning dawned bright and early and found us having breakfast at Tater's preschool. This was their second annual "Pancakes and Playground" family breakfast. Bruiser inhaled about ten whole strawberries before we even sat down! Miss Wiggles filled up on pancakes and sausage. And Tater? She spent the time chatting with her Spanish Spanish, of course! Then we all headed outside for a bit of playtime!

Miss Wiggles loved filling a bucket with sand! When she couldn't move it, she screamed, and all the little boys came running to help her! We are in SOOOO much trouble!!!!!

We followed up the breakfast with our last Tumble Tots class. The kids enjoyed an obstacle course of all the things they learned over the past eight weeks. Then they got trophies, certificates, and stickers!

Lunch followed at Pizzeria Uno. Bruiser and Tater got to make their own pizzas - just how they liked them. The best part? They ate every last bite!

Then, after a few stores along the way, we stopped by the zoo. It was, literally, a zoo! The lines were so long when we got there that Daddy and groaned at the thought of standing there for 30 minutes. But, just then, we heard the voice of an angel say "Does anyone have a zoo membership?" We immediately got tickets and breezed our way inside! Gotta love that membership!

Bruiser learned to climb since last year!

We enjoyed seeing the elephants out and about in their new habitat.

And these pictures? Tater made me take them just for Papa!
When we got home, Miss Wiggles broke in her new bare knees! She got her first scrapped knee, Band-aid and all!

And because the weather was so nice this weekend, we spent a lot of time outside - playing street hockey, digging in the mulch, and finding new playground haunts! We usually hit the big playground in the neighboring town, but I cringed at the thoughts of the crowds and cliques. So we ventured to a few areas schools to see what else was out there...and we found great places with much smaller crowds! The playground on Friday night was a bit too old for Miss Wiggles but the one we landed at on Sunday was perfect for all three!

Miss Wiggles didn't like the moving platform...and seconds later she ended up in a crying heap!

Love this picture!

Bruiser was thrilled with his cars and a patch of dirt!

Isn't she TOO cute?!?!?
An now, we all need a vacation from our weekend! But...not likely in this house! We are already head-first into our week and things are, of course, CRAZY! Enjoy your week!
(Oh, and grandparents? will this post hold you over for a bit??)

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  1. crazy busy and crazy adorable pics. That oughta hold them over for a while! I lvoe that question..mine usually comes in the form of "I am getting tired of looking at that picture of ... on your blog"