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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

We spent the afternoon outside, enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures...without coats! The little ones had a blast and Tater is still fighting her rest...who wants to sleep when you can be riding your new big girl bike?!?

Wiggles had fun checking out the concepts of bikes and trikes!

And just being super cute!

Bruiser wore his helmet and pushed a car...he likes to say he is going to ride his bike but has yet to get on it!

Miss Wiggles kept asking for her helmet...guess I'll have to dig out Bruiser's old little one!

And I found this little friends "meowing" at my front door. He had no collar but I couldn't let him in...too many allergy-prone people in this house. He was awfully cute, though!

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  1. Miss Wiggles looks so adorable in her shamrock shirt!