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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

T.W.B.T.F. (aka The Weekend Before The Flood)

We are still pumping out and cleaning out. The water level in our basement fluctuates - sometimes we go down below pumping level, but as soon as we turn off the pump, the water goes right back up! Daddy stayed home again today in hopes of being able to wet vac a bit but spent most of the day moving things out of the basement and into my dining room, his man room, and out on the deck (because it is not allowed to rain any more!!!!). Good thing he did stay home...route 95 was closed and it would have taken him hours to get to work and then the police ordered a mandatory evacuation of his plant because a dam was going to break. He may be home again tomorrow for all we know!

Oh, and the dumpster is arriving soon! We are going in with two other families and getting all the wet stuff out of our houses. We have a sofa - a sleeper sofa! - in the basement that is just ruined. It's the first thing in the dumpster!

So, looking back, here a few pictures of happier times! Papa and Mimi and Nana and Pap visited for the weekend and Papa took control of my camera. So not only do you get to see the kids having fun decorating eggs and playing with Papa and Mimi - you get to see a few pictures of me too! Lucky you!

Coloring eggs

Miss Wiggles got into lots of trouble while I was busy dying eggs!

Mimi and Tater colored and cut a lot!

Miss Wiggles helped herself to an apple and carried it all around...until it ended up under the rocker in the living room...'til Monday!

Meltdown Bruiser-style!

Trying to hide with the food he stole!

Apple girl!

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