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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two By Two?

Anyone seen the news coverage of the record flooding on the east coast? Yup, that would be us! You know it's big time when the Weather Channel arrives in the neighborhood! Sam Champion of GMA was nearby as well...big time stuff!

We thought we were all clear and good until this morning when I was checking Facebook. Our across-the-street neighbor posted that she had water in her basement (funny how we talk more on Facebook than in person - and we are steps away from each other's door!). So, into my head popped the idea to check our basement...15 minutes before I had to be at work! I opened the door and, at first glance, things seemed okay. Then something caught my eye...something like an inch of water seeping through the floor. Just great!

I grabbed Daddy, he called off work, our great sitter pitched in, and I headed to work. By the time I had come home from work at 11:30, three inches covered the entire floor and Daddy had searched for a pump all over with no luck. We emptied everything we could or needed to - luckily most of our things are already in plastic from a lesson learned with burst hot water heater!

By 4:00, Daddy had located a pump at some obscure contractor supply place and we made an investment in hopes of a dry basement. As of right now the water level is holding it's own - no higher, no lower. Our best guess is that the water table is at the same level as our basement and is just seeping in. Daddy is on the phone as I write with the oil company to find out what to do about the furnace. And wouldn't you figure that I have a full day of curriculum writing tomorrow - so Daddy might not make it to work again!

Here are a few pictures of destruction and the rain...enjoy while my OCD goes into overload!

Dining room storage

More storage in the mudroom.

The playroom "pool"!

Standing in the water...cute boots, huh?

Floating toys

Backyard "pond"

Front yard "river"
See the neighbor's hose!

And the rain pours on...

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