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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Randomness

This has not been our typical weekend...although with our usual level of drama and stress, maybe it's not too far off!

Friday, Miss Wiggles and I headed to do our weekly shopping at Trader Joe's and to have lunch with our fabulous neighbors...a bit of a luxury before the weekend began! Then, since we were early to pick up Tater from preschool and I didn't want to go home and take the Wiggler out of her car seat for a mere ten minutes, we sat in the parking lot at preschool and finally figured out how to use my new camera. It only took me two months to find the time! Now let's see how long it takes me to figure out my newest teeny, tiny iPod Shuffle...maybe by the time Miss Wiggles starts preschool!

Saturday dawned bright and early with Daddy heading off to work and Mommy getting three children ready for Tumble Tots. We made it there on time, Tater had a good time, Bruiser participated a bit, and Miss Wiggles had fun playing with me on the bleachers. It was a long 90 minutes, but it did burn a good part of the morning minus Daddy!

Daddy was home by 2:00 and Tater and I headed to her little friend's birthday party. She had fun playing and I had a nice time chatting with Mommy friends! They planted seeds and painted pots at the party...and how cute are the aprons!

Tater next to her friend, L, and the birthday girl, T.

Our smiley friend, M!

Posing for the camera!

Painting with pretty colors...but by the time she was done, the pot was completely pink!
What a creative mind!
After the party, we headed home to pick up Daddy and the other two so we could make our first trip to Secret Beach. The weather was amazing and we needed to run off some energy (and sugar!). Miss Wiggles was beyond excited because this was the first time we let her walk on the beach...and only because we forgot the backpack!
Too cute!

Look how tiny!

Tater's searching for shells...just like her great-grandmother.

And a family rare!
So, today I'm on my own again. Daddy headed out to work before 8:00 (and that's am!) and the kids were up REALLY 7:00! We've had breakfast, watch some Disney shows, played a bit of doll house, and said a little prayer that I don't lose my voice before the day is over. Oh, yes, because we don't just have a weekend that Daddy is working, but we have a weekend that Daddy is working AND all of us have a nasty cold with stuffy noses, goop-y eyes, bad coughs, and sore throats. Lovely!
But the weather is supposed to be nice and I plan to spend sometime outside...maybe enjoying my new iPod...if I can get some music on it!
Last night I pulled out the bin of my Barbie dolls, so later I'm going to share them with Tater. She's going to love the handmade furniture and clothes (by my grandfather and Nana). Maybe she'll play while I relax with my Redbox movie, the re-make of Ice Castles - pure girl-y!
But first, there is laundry to do, kids to dress, clothing to swap out for a certain little girl who just can't fit in 6-12 month clothing anymore (and for no other reason than her legs are too long - she's such a peanut!), a shower for Mommy, beds to make and few sheets to be changed. And, of course, there is always food to be made, diapers to be changed, and things to be cleaned!
And, shame on me, but we decided to skip church because I'm not the crazy woman who tried to take her three children to church by herself...when no one feels good! Note to self - make time for a Bible story today!
On that final random note, I'm going to go clean up the kitchen island where my children were using medicine dropper to squirt milk into the empty wine bottle I left there last night instead of opening the door and tossing it into the recycling. Oh, and I'm going to take a look at that iPod...maybe!
Happy Sunday!

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