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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can You Guess What Daddy Got?

We spent the weekend shopping and spending a bit of "fun" money. I finally splurged and picked up this little beauty...and I love it and so do the kids! The hot chocolate is so yummy!

Then it was Daddy's turn to have a little fun...

Can you guess what he bought?

Any ideas? Can you get the "big" picture?

I'll post an "installed" picture later...he had lots of little hands to help!
And there is more exciting "fun" things arriving! We ordered a new washer last night...I decided it was finally time to have more than one cycle that worked on the machine I use on a daily...and sometimes hourly!...basis! Oh, and wait until you see my new shoes and Miss Wiggles new stroller...that we may or may not have needed!

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