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Monday, March 15, 2010

In Like A Lamb and Out Like A Lion!

March started out fabulous! We spent the week playing outside...and most days without coats!

Daddy was trying to grow grass here in the it's just Bruiser's construction site!


Then the rain hit and we spent a LOT of time inside!

Miss Wiggles ate her first ear of corn!

And we headed to a local hockey game on Friday night. Daddy's company has season tickets that they raffle off for each game and this week he won! So we took all three...yes, all three! to the game. We left after the second period, telling the kids that they were never going to a game again! It was that bad. Bruiser fussed and wiggled and screamed until he fell asleep on my lap. Tater bounced all around, kicked all the people in front of us, and managed to spill her water bottle into the hood of the man sitting in front of Daddy. Miss Wiggles was the best of the three! She sat and drank her bottle and clapped her hands every time everyone else did!

Don't you love Tater's fashion sense?

Bruiser tickling Wiggles!

Sibling kisses!
Then Saturday we headed to Tumble Tots...because we didn't get enough torture Friday night! Bruiser wanted nothing to do with the activities until they pulled the parachute out. I think we need to find a parachute class and he'd be thrilled!

And that's where he laid until the parachute came out!
We followed Tumble Tots with some shopping and a work party. Then more shopping Sunday after Sunday School (because we forgot to change the clocks and missed church!). We'll share the newest "members" of our family another's always fun to treat yourself to some new toys once in a while!

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