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Thursday, March 11, 2010

...and he's all grown up!

Remember how sad I was to send Bruiser off to preschool? The sight of him climbing those big steps onto that big, yellow bus? Being away from him five days a week for 2 1/2 hours? Strangely enough, I've come to enjoy the time. Bruiser happily goes off to school to see his friends and I get afternoons with Miss Wiggles and Tater (when she doesn't have school). We run errands, get chores done, or simply relax. Things seemed to be going smoothly...until Monday!

Bruiser came home, all excited that Daddy was home and could get him off the bus (after the driver asked Bruiser if he was his Daddy...somewhat suspiciously!). I was with Miss Wiggles, getting her hips x-rayed (more later!) so it was all on Daddy.

I got home and asked Bruiser about his day. His response?

"I see my best friend, Sarah. She wear a dress. She pretty!" And then he got all shy!

Do realize what that all means? My little boy has a girlfriend! Really?!?! I thought I had a few more years! Excuse me while I go pull out my newest gray hairs!

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