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Monday, March 1, 2010

Rainbow Brite is Back!

Remember this shot from a few days ago?
And remember how I wondered who these children were?
Well, here is my secret! Shhhhh!

I recently received the new Rainbow Brite CD to review with Tater. It was one of those things I kept putting off because the computer is MY territory and I did not want to share! But last week when it rained and rained, I was desperate and grabbed for the CD. I prepared myself for hours of slowly explaining how to work everything - from the mouse to the printer - but was I in for a treat! Tater hopped on the chair, grabbed the mouse and began clicking away! She loved it! She has played the puzzles, made art pages, printed coloring pages, and jumped for stars in the games...while I had the peace and quiet I needed to make dinner! Not only that, she has learned all the characters, begged to buy a Moon Glow doll with her birthday money, and has even shared her game with her brother!

  • age appropriate
  • attention-holding
  • bright and colorful
  • very interactive
  • music is entertaining without being bothersome
  • activities are rewarding when completed - with music and graphics

  • unable to load a desktop shortcut (which would help for when Tater shuts the program down accidentally!)
  • unable to lock the printer off - so my ink doesn't run out!

And, on a final note, we had a fabulous fifth birthday party for Tater on Saturday and decided to share our CDs with our guests...and what a hit! There are girly girls all over town playing Rainbow Brite and living in the land of rainbows and unicorns!

Disclosure: I was given 10 copies of the Rainbow Bright CD to review with my family and share with our friends. I was not compensated financially for this review.

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