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Monday, March 8, 2010

Shhhh! It's A Surprise!

Today was Papa's birthday but Tater won't celebrate it until Papa comes to visit in two weeks. Birthdays don't exist in her world unless she is with the person in person!

So, as we were driving home from dance class, she hatched a whole birthday plan. We are going to go to the money store (a.k.a. The Dollar Store) and get decorations for a flamingo party...because Papa likes flamingos! And we can't forget to make the, of course! And we have to put up streamers...guess what color?

And then she continued...

"B. can come over and help you set, Mama. (FYI - B. is my closest friend since we moved to this place and she helps me with all my parties!) And Papa can watch his favorite show on TV."

"What's his favorite show, Tater?"

"I know it's Phineas and Ferb, Mama!"

So, rest up, Papa! Tater has a fabulous surprise planned for you!

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