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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Touch of Spring!

In spite of nasty head colds and crazy work schedules, we've been trying to take advantage of this rare taste of spring we've had the past few days. I was home from work today with a nasty sore throat and the sitter was home sick, too. So, to entertain the troops, we spent some time outside. This morning before lunch and school for Bruiser, we walked the block. Then the girls and I spent some time outside waiting for Bruiser's bus this afternoon...and expressing ourselves creatively with sidewalk chalk!

Tater's version of Bruiser's bus.

"A Tomato Sun"

Our neighbor's house.

Running off some energy...minus our coats!

Miss Wiggles giggling that she's climbing the steps by herself!

Drawing with chalk...

...and pausing for a chalk snack! Yuck!


  1. First sidewalk chalk ROCKS, and second that little pumpkin in her purple romper is ADORABLE

  2. Don't forget what happened to Bruiser when he climbed the steps himself! Can't wait for RI spring blooms pictures! Please take some.