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Thursday, January 29, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours!

So, when I left off on Tuesday, Tater had just been diagnosed with an ear infection. Of course that was way too easy for our life!

Later that night Bruiser started coughing horribly. We gave him several Albutrol treatments but nothing seemed to help. We were up most of the night! By morning, we were busy having the discussion of who would stay home from work and take him to the doctor. All of a sudden I began to not feel so good myself. So, it was decided that I would stay home - little did we know that I was coming down with the dreaded stomach bug. About an hour later, I made the call to Daddy to tell that he would have to come home and take Bruiser to the doctor - I couldn't even lift my head off the pillow.

By the time Daddy got Bruiser to the doctor, he had spiked a temperature around 103 and was refusing to walk on his left leg. Because they could find no real reason for the fever and leg pain, they became concerned and sent Daddy and Bruiser to the ER for further testing. After four hours, blood work, an IV, and x-rays, they came home with the diagnosis that it was probably a virus that resulted in inflammation of his left knee joint. We had a follow-up visit at the doctor's today, where we found out his blood culture was negative (a good thing!). We have to wait for one more result that will come in tomorrow and we'll find out if we are in the clear.

The poor little man! He's still limping and trying to play like normal but you can tell he is in pain and doesn't feel 100%. Hopefully, we will all be on the mend soon - we need some warm weather to clear out all the germs!

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