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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bruiser Boy Turns Two!

Yesterday was Bruiser's day! I can't believe he is two already - it seems like it was just yesterday that we bringing him home from the hospital and worry how Tater Tot would react and now we've added another baby to the mix. How time flies!

Bruiser enjoyed having a day all about him! When he got up in the morning, we let him open one present - a Thomas shirt that he wore with his pajama bottoms for about an hour (it was way too early to think about getting the camera and taking a picture - but it was a sight!). Since it was a week day, birthday got put on hold while Mommy and Daddy were at work.

When Daddy got home, we ordered pizza - Bruiser's favorite - and he ate 3 pieces! Present time was great. Since Christmas wasn't that long ago, Bruiser knew all about presents and knew just what to do with them!

Then, just in time to sing and have cupcakes, our friends stopped by with a huge Lightning McQueen balloon and another gift for the boy! He loved the cupcakes - I think he even managed to eat two!

Bruiser Boy went to bed happy and dreaming of all his new toys! But his birthday isn't over yet! Tomorrow we are off to meet Papa and Mimi and Tater Tot and have more cupcakes! Yum!

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