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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Terrible Twos

We knew they were coming but held out hope that we could hold on to our sweet Bruiser Boy a bit longer. Its amazing how they know the minute they turn two and how quickly they change!

Bruiser is still struggling to learn his words so you can imagine the combination this makes with the aggression of a two-year-old! He's developed a habit of walking up people and giving them a two-handed shove. He uses it as a way to say "hello," "wanna play?" and "get out of my way!"

In my post on Monday I wrote about our Sunday and Tater's medical traumas and mentioned about Bruiser at church. All was going fairly well - Bruiser was content playing with the Thomas sets in the cry room, G Baby was sleeping, and Tater was busy playing. Then the Pastor called for the children for the Children's Sermon. Out come the kids. Bruiser came running and yelling "ME, TOO! ME, TOO!" Surprisingly he went right up and joined the crowd. As we watched, he started shoving everyone around him and giggling. Thankfully nearby adults intervened, but not before he made one child cry. He is such a bruiser!

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