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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Went Wireless!

Well, we finally broke down and entered the wireless age - and I'm loving it! It is great to be able to sit here in my kitchen with my children and not have to segregate myself off in the "man room." The freedom is amazing!

That being said, here's the update on the family:

Tater Tot is struggling to adapt to being back at home after being at Papa and Mimi's for vacation. Mommy and Daddy make her follow rules that might not have been so strictly enforced by the grandparents!

Monday was a vacation day for Mommy but not for Daddy. By dinnertime, I was going a bit crazy - it had snowed all weekend and I was still trapped in the house with the three little ones. So when Tater asked what was for dinner and decided to yell at me because she didn't like the answer, I sent her to the steps on time-out. After her designated three minutes, I went to talk to her and ask for an apology. In fact, I told that she makes my heart hurt when she yells at me. Her response? "You make my heart cry when you put me on time out!"

She is just full of these great one-liners! Yesterday, she was helping our sitter with the laundry right before lunch and decided she was too hungry to continue - "My hands are too hungry to help." So cute!

Bruiser Boy is definitely 2! His new trick is to pick up bins of toys and dump them over his head - then he runs off and laughs when we try to correct him. What a challenge!

He has spent the past few months insisting that he can do things by himself by yelling "I do! I do!" We've recently discovered that he has altered this lovely phrase to "I too! I too!" - he can't stand to be left out of anything!

G Baby is her usual wonderful sweet self! She has smiles that she loves to attack with - watch out! And now she giggles - and is ticklish. She giggles when we dress her and even when we just pick her up! So much fun!

So, that's the latest here - next time, I'll post pictures!

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