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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quote of the Day - "Well, she started it!"

Tater Tot was visiting Papa and Mimi's house after Christmas and was there for about three weeks total. So, as you can imagine, they had lots of fun but there had to be a little bit of parenting from the grandparents during such a long visit.

One evening, Tater was in a little bit of a "Chief Thundercloud" mood and began to argue with Mimi. Well, Mimi's biggest rule is that there is no arguing with a grown-up - a rule that we fully support! Tater just wasn't stopping so Papa (who never crosses Tater because he truly believes she never does anything wrong!) had to step in. And this is the conversation that was later relayed to me:

Papa: "Tater Tot, don't argue with Mimi."

Tater Tot: "Well, she started it!"

The things that a three-year-old can say!

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