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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dashing Through the Snow...

Daddy took Bruiser Boy sledding for the first time today. We think he had fun - it was hard to tell! First, he could barely move in all his winter gear - he kind of looked like a colorful Pillsbury Dough Boy! Secondly, he had to wear pink mittens (hand-me downs from his big sister!) out in public - who would know that you can't find waterproof mittens in January!
When we finally made it to the sledding hill, it took Bruiser Boy at least ten minutes to walk to the top of the hill - he's not a fast mover in all those layers! Mommy sat in the car with Baby and watched the show. It was hard to tell if he was enjoying it - he didn't fuss but he didn't react to anything either.
After several trips down the hill with all the other sledders, Daddy decided to take Bruiser to a smaller hill that he could go down by himself like a big boy. At one point, Mommy looked up to see Bruiser laying on his back in the sledding and flying down the hill. Meanwhile, Daddy was at the top hill exploring the woods and not really watching our little one! Needless to say, I had a slight moment of panic, trying to figure out how to save Bruiser and not leave Baby by herself. Luckily Daddy returned to his fatherly duties before I had to make a decision!
That pretty much ended our sledding adventure - naptime followed for all!
Quote of the Day
My husband, who frequently tries to be witty, leaned over and gave me a hug this evening. He then proceded to say "There should be sparks every time we come near each other." The scary thing is that he was very serious! Who says that?!?

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