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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Snow Update

Well, I have been blogging from our laptop with wireless Internet and couldn't figure out how to connect the camera so I could add pictures. You see, our camera completely crashed two weeks before Christmas after four years of daily use. Not the best time to be without a camera - especially with a new one not being in the budget! So, Mimi to the rescue! Mimi isn't that advanced in the technology department (Sorry, Mimi - but it's the truth!) and had a camera she wasn't using. She gladly, for the sake of the grandchildren agreed to loan hers to us. The drawback? No cord to plug it in to the computer. It wasn't a problem with the desktop - I just plugged the memory card into the printer and away we went! Well, silly me, I never thought to check our old camera's USB cord until today - and miraculously it fits!
So, all that being said, here are the snow pictures I took on Monday (Martin Luther King Day) after another 4 inches fell through the night. And to make matters worse, we got another 1/2 inch Monday night - can you say stir crazy?!?

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