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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Attack of the Red-Eyed Monster (Part 2)

Did you know that eye infections and ear infections are connected? I didn't but now I do!

I came home from work this morning to our sitter looking quite frazzled. She had had a very long morning with a devilish two-year-old (Bruiser Boy) and a very emotional three-year-old (Tater Tot). Not only was Tater moody but she had been complaining of her ear hurting and there was some "stuff" oozing out of her right ear.

So I make a quick call to Daddy to give him a heads-up that he would have to come home early to watch the other two children so I can take take Tater to the doctor (Lesson learned - never take three children to a doctor appointment!). The next call is to the doctor to schedule the sick visit.

Daddy arrives home, Tater and I head out the door. We arrive for our scheduled appointment to find out that the nurse I had spoken to had given me the wrong time and we were 30 minutes early. Not to panic - we took a quick walk around the plaza and then completed the entire Little Mermaid I Spy book from the waiting room.

In to the exam room we go after a brief 45 minute wait. The nurse discovers a slight temperature - vindication for Mommy! The only time a mother wishes her child is sick is after she has jumped through hoops to get to an appointment and she wants it to be worth all that trouble! The doctor began the exam by asking which ear she had been complaining about. Of course I said the right ear. So he looks first in the left ear and says "Hmmm." Then he looks in the right ear and says "Hmmm." Back to the left ear. Then I get the question - "Which ear did you say was bothering her?" Again I say "The right ear." Well, here is the shocker - her right ear was perfectly fine and her left ear was a full-blown infection! Go figure! At least I got my vindication and we left with a script for bubblegum medicine!

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