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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quote of the Day

As anyone who has children knows, trying to get out of the house with three children is a challenge. Now add to that equation that all my children are under four-years-old, we are in the middle of a deep freeze and there is an inch of frozen snow outside along with icy sidewalks. To make matters worse, this story occurred as we were trying to get out the house for Tater's dance class and I had to wake both her and Bruiser Boy from a deep sleep. Good times!

So, I bundle G Baby in her car seat before I wake that others (I think that is a time-saving trick, but who knows!). Then I head upstairs. Bruiser is first and immediately starts crying as soon as I lift him from the crib and set him on the floor. I try to distract him by getting him to help me wake up Tater - no luck! The screaming continues. So now I wake Tater and begin to dress her for dance class as her screams begin. On go the tights - scream - on goes the leotard - scream - on goes the tutu - more screams. Of course through all this, I am asking her if anything hurts, is she sick, WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING????

As the screams continue, we all head down the stairs to the sound of little cries coming from the car seat - G Baby has decided to join in! Tater makes it halfway down the stairs before she plops down and refuses to move. I decide not fight this battle and tackle coats and shoes instead. Bruiser, although he is still screaming, is first to be ready. Meanwhile, I ask Tater is she wants to wear her boots or her sneakers. The only answer is more screaming (are you imagining the noise level at this point?). So, I continue getting ready to leave and occasionally re-ask the shoe question, hoping for an intelligible answer.

Finally we are out of time to waste and I enter the screaming match:


Kate: screaming

Mommy: "You need to stop screaming and tell me which shoes you want to wear or I am going to decide."

Kate: "But, Mommy, I'm trying to think and it's too noisy!" sniff, sniff

Well, at least we were on the same page! So on go the sneakers and out we go to the car with more screaming. Once everyone was buckled in, I stood outside the car and actually debated getting in. I weighed my options - bitter cold temperatures and silence or warm car and screams. The warmth won out! Would you believe that Tater fell asleep again before we left our street and woke up as pleasant as could be for dance class? My mother always told me to never wake a sleeping baby - Mom, you were right!

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