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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Already Been Chewed - Ewwww!

Since we are down a child (Tater Tot is spending the week at Mimi and Papa's house), we decided to brave the mall New Year's Day and explore the after-holiday sales. G Baby went in her car seat in the stroller and Bruiser Boy was very content to sit in the back like a big boy. We spent an exciting hour exploring the stores, riding the elevator (the mall is three stories, not counting the parking garage, and there are no strollers on escalators!), and splurging with Christmas money. I finally went all out and purchased my Dansko shoes that I have been dreaming about for the past year - and they are as comfortable as I was told!

So, after an hour of all that moving and spending, we had worked up an appetite. I had thoughts of a nice restaurant with a high chair for Bruiser but Daddy had a different idea! He loves to explore the food court and get all the free samples. His tactic this day was that we could all get just what we wanted and not have to leave the mall (all the restaurants are on the street and not easily accessed from the mall itself).

So off we go, cruising the food court, sampling food and searching for something that Bruiser will enjoy. We finally settled on Popeye's Chicken for Mommy and Bruiser, who went to claim a table while Daddy ordered. Needless to say, Bruiser was quite thrilled to discover that he could get out of his stroller and sit at the table like a big boy! Daddy delivered the food and went off in search of his own lunch, returning hours (not really, but it seemed like it!) later. Bruiser loved being a big boy and eating with Mommy and Daddy and he loved his chicken (more than Mommy - Popeye's is not a do-again!).

We had almost made it through the meal and were waiting for Bruiser to finish his last few bites when he got distracted by the children sitting next to us. They were not particularly well-behaved, which held his attention even more. Daddy and I took advantage of his distraction to relax a few minutes and chat about where we still wanted to go and how the rest of the day was going to play out - little did we know! As we were talking, I kept my eye on Bruiser with frequent glances over at him, when all of a sudden I noticed something in his hand that was not chicken! While we were distracted, Bruiser Boy had reached under the table and discovered a used piece of bubble gum and was now attempting to make it his own! Hence the "EWWWWW"!

So, after a quick swat out of his hand, much hand washing, and lots of shutters as the moment was relived in our minds, Bruiser returned to his stroller and we returned to peaceful deal-hunting.

Moral of the Story

Go with Mommy's first instincts and find a nice sit-down restaurant with high chairs!

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