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Thursday, January 15, 2009


We are all home today (Mommy and the kids) since school was closed due to the severe temperatures. Once Tater Tot got over her disappointment that there was no preschool and she couldn't have "Blue Day" with her school friends, things settled down as much as they normally do around here! It was somewhat of a challenge but I was able to convince her that we could have our own "Blue Day" at home - even though she is the only one wearing blue!

So after I got her dresses, I headed upstairs to get myself, G Baby, and Bruiser Boy ready for the day as well. As Tater Tot has gotten older, we have been expanding her privileges, including letting her downstairs to watch kid shows while we get showered and dressed. In a house that is completely childproof the worst thing that can happen is a mess of toys - and that's just what I found today!

I came down the stairs and saw the floor littered with an assortment of puzzle pieces, Little People, Color Wonder markers, blankets, and books. I took a deep breathe to calm myself (the room had been clean when I went upstairs) and began this conversation:

Mommy: "Tater, what happened to the living room?"

Tater: "I just couldn't make up mind!"

Now, as a fellow female, I completely understood her dilemma and couldn't possibly be upset with her!

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