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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who Needs a Bed? (Also Titled: World's Worst Mommy Award!)

Bruiser was being his usual naughty self right before nap time today! As I was cleaning the front storm door he was busy putting finger streaks all down the glass I had just cleaned. So after one final warning, I scooped him up and put him to bed. He cried a bit but settled down and there was no sound to be heard from him. Again I assumed he was peacefully sleeping. When will I learn?
I checked my email, made a few phone calls, and decided to head upstairs for a shower while Tater watched some Noggin. As soon as I reached to lop of the stairs, I knew something wasn't right. Bruiser's door was open and his light was on. I looked in the door - no Bruiser. I looked in Tater's room - no Bruiser. I looked in my room - no Bruiser. I looked in the bathroom, shower and all - no Bruiser. I started to feel a bit panicky. I checked all the rooms again. Still no Bruiser. I called down to Tater to see if he had snuck downstairs and I didn't see him - nope. Okay, now I really began to panic! I called down to Tater and told her to start looking for Bruiser (she, of course, ignored me and continued to watch Noggin - great help she is!). I started opening closet doors while trying to figure who I should call first - my neighbor to help with the search? Daddy? the police? Then I started to wonder if he could have gotten out of the house - I had no idea how, Papa taught me how to lock doors! So I looked in the first closet in his room- no Bruiser. The second closet - no Bruiser. The closet in Tater's room - no Bruiser. Under Tater's bed - no Bruiser. Under G-Baby's crib - no Bruiser. Finally I pulled open the door of my closet and this is what I saw:

Bruiser had gone in my closet pulled the door closed and got trapped! He napped right there on the floor! I guess he had been in there for a while because the floor was nice a toasty from his body heat! Amazingly, I was able to lift him up and lay him in his bed and he went right back to sleep. That's where he is now...I think!


  1. Oh, I bet that was terrifying at first. Now, it makes a great story though! How cute.

  2. Sorry, but you are no where CLOSE to getting that award. I know some mothers who are in the running for it and...well I better not say, it is way too hair-raising.