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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What I Learned This Week!

When I wrote my entry yesterday, it was to help restore my mental state, but I really should have thought SO could have been today's "What I Learned This Week"! But I suppose that would be considered cheating in blog world, so I will dig deep and think about what I learned this week!

1. Change is inevitable. Enough said but click here if you want to know more!

2. A missing child is a very, very, very scary thing in a mommy's life! Again, enough said but click here if you want to know more!

3. It is impossible to try to understand a man's thought process. Daddy actually thought this was the right place to leave all his tools!

4. You can live in a great neighborhood, full of friendly people who love your kids and animals like their own, and there will still be one bad seed! I debated about posting about this but it's still bugging me and I can't let it go! So time for some writing therapy! Last week, one of our neighbors called the "puppy police" (what Tater calls them!) on Shadow. So we had a friendly visit from the local animal control officer, who very nicely explained to Daddy that "a neighbor" was irritated by Shadow's constant barking and that she knew of several other neighbors (who have dogs that bark and cry more than Shadow!) who felt that way too. Oh, and by the way we forgot renew our dog licence. Well, we admitted to forgetting about the licence (life got away from us again!) but his rabies was up-to-date and we were all set on that front. As for the barking, I have kept a journal of Shadow's noises for the past week (like I have nothing better to do!) and guess what - 10 barks and 7 growls. Hmmmmm...I wonder who is barking because its not Shadow! Unless someone has super-sensitive ears and those 10 little barks set off her bad attitude!

5. And, speaking of dogs, this is what happens when your child's ball goes over the fence and into the yard of three dogs!

6. Finally, I have found a new decorating passion! On Friday night, my friend drug me along to a home party for Uppercase Living and I fell in love! For those of you who aren't familiar with the company, Uppercase Living produces vinyl quotes and expressions that you adhere to your walls for accents. They are affordable and fun! I just placed my order today, so when they arrive, I'll post pictures!


  1. Oh no - missing kids and moving friends - not fun :(

    LOVE those vinyl letters. Can't wait to see what you have chosen.

  2. Ooo! Those tools look just like something a toddler boy would like to find... And look! They're within reach! Silly husbands...

  3. I would love to see what you did with the vinyl letters - I am hearing about them everywhere!

    Oh, and I hate neighbors who are dog police too. What a pain. Just live -- people.

    Have a great day!